Yamill’s Werewolf Tokens

One of my gaming buddies made these fantastic tokens for the Werewolf: The Forsaken game that we play in on Saturday nights. I asked her permission to snap a few photos and share them on my blog.

Each player has their own set of tokens in their own color. For instance, I have Orange tokens for each of my werewolf’s forms: Hinshu, Dalu, Gauru, Urshul, Urhan and an additional token (skull to indicate if my character is dead). Each token has two sides, one that has a solid background to signify that the werewolf is in the physical world and the other side has a black ring a few millimeters inside the background to indicate that the werewolf is currently in the shadow.

Yamill made these by first using Photoshop to create the silhouettes for the different forms. She then spray painted wooden craft discs black. Each token’s sides were printed, cut out and then glued to the wooden discs. She also made some vehicles and tokens for NPC’s/Antagonists.