Yamill’s Werewolf Tokens – Part 2

Yamill has made additional tokens for our game and I thought you all might like to see how they turned out. The above photo shows some of the larger antagonist tokens. These are great for fights when we’re surrounded by horse-sized Beshilu.

The Megamat battle map from Chessex works great for with the tokens as you can see in the above photo. Our storyteller enjoys drawing the maps while we gawk at the number of antagonists. The wet erase markers prove too tempting not to be played with by all of the gamers at the table. I may be guilty of doodling on the map on occasion myself…

The vehicle tokens that Yamill made are great for moving multiple tokens. Whether our Werewolves are riding around town in a Vampire’s Cadillac or fleeing from a possessed hippy van, we’re covered. All of the tokens are great visual aides and help us to picture what is going on.