Vareena, the almost Ranger

As the daughter of a drunken and depressed Elven man (Anadrin), Vareena’s many attempts to be become a ranger were promptly denied. Since the death of her mother (Larinne), Vareena’s father has lost all of his social standing among the Elves.

A troublesome youth with great intellect but unusually unwise, Vareena has earned a reputation among her people for her impulsive and reckless actions. Often driven by anger or frustration, Vareena can seem quiet and aloof to those that do not see the water boiling under the kettle lid.

Determined to make her own way in the world, she seeks a band of adventurers that can travel with while searching for great fortune and opportunity.

Ironically, since many non-Elven folk assume that forest elves are tree-hugging do-gooders, Vareena has found some success in passing herself off as a ranger. This makes it easier for Vareena to travel about town and along the roads without much resistance from the law-abiding citizenry.