The Diary of Lilian Whitlock – Letter of Refusal to Mr. Albert Dosett

Should I ever find the means to send this letter back to Savannah, courtesy requires that I do so.

Mr. Albert Dosett,

It is with the best of intentions that I hereby notify you of my refusal to accept your proposal of marriage made at my father’s behest. As etiquette requires, I am writing you at the first oppertunity that I have to make you aware of my decision. This should free you to make another choice in a future wife.

As to the reason for my refusal, a gentleman should defer to a lady’s feelings when offering his hand in marriage. He should not proprose to a girl if she opposes the union. While the common practice of reissuing a proposal after some time has past does have its merits, I wish to honestly inform you that my feelings will not change. It will not be necessary for you to offer your hand in marriage again.

Please also send my regrets to my father.

-Lilian Whitlock.