The Diary of Lilian Whitlock – Impressions on Traveling Companions

This was written in Lilian’s Diary in the very early hours of Sunday Morning – between the Game Play Logs entitled A Sinking Feeling, Part 1 & A Sinking Feeling, Part 2.

Mr. Preeble is a treacherous monster. How he can defend the deplorable actions taken by his Navy and the government of New Britannia is inexplicable. His deceptions against the rest of the airship’s crew and passengers are unforgiveable. He is a liar and a smug brute. Mr. Preeble has expressed his belief that his culture is superior to all others, but that does not give his nation the right to so violently defend their privacy.

Mr. Alders and his sister are both highly suspect. The British duo both know more about this airship, New Britannia and the tradgedies of the Independence and the Concordance than mere coincidence can explain. I will not judge them guilty yet, but the prospect of their innocence seems highly improbable.

Poor Mr. Binford! What legal recourse is there to be taken against another country for the despicable treatment of himself and his men if that nation is not even officially recognized by the known world? No one deserves to be treated the way that he has been. I can only hope that he finds the strength to move on and prove the New Britannian government wrong in their conclusions in regard to his capabilities.

Captain Kirkpatrick’s determination is admirable. He is, however, quick to anger and quite stern. I will do my best during this voyage not to anger him lest he find cause to raise his voice in my direction. He may be the most strategically competent of the passengers, but the Captain is also likely to act in a rash and bold manner.

Miss Bly is a scatterbrain. I do not understand how she has published anything. I have never seen her put pen to paper. She rarely expresses a complete, coherent thought. Her unnecessarily crass and intentionally hurtful words are a constant irritation to me. The less time that I spend in her company, the better.