The Case of Sherlock Holmes, Part 4 – GM’s Notes

Had a good game last night with some great roleplayers. After the game, I asked everyone to jot down what they would like to see more of next time. The answer came back with a resounding “More Combat!” from every single player. I do feel bad that there wasn’t much action in the last session.

Here’s where I think I went wrong:

1) We spent the first part of the session working on characters. This was unavoidable. The pregen characters needed some polishing up, we had a new player and I had modified some of the rules of the game due to previous feedback.

2) I had gone into the game with the intention of letting the players decide where to take the game (usually a good thing). The current adventure is pretty complex due to the nature of time travel. Too many choices on where to go next stalled the game. I didn’t want to strong arm the game by having Sherlock Holmes (NPC) take over.

3) Since it had been over two months since the last game, the players had forgotten a lot of the minor details of the game. I spent a lot of time repeating this information. I also blabbed on a lot more about the plot than I probably should have. I always give away the farm.

4) I rolled a few times to see if the Spanish Time Agents (main antagonists) were able to keep up, tailing the party through the city. They kept failing. I should have just forced a random encounter somewhere in the game.

What went right?

1) New character was introduced and joined the party successfully. We found a good in character way to get her into the group and she has her own motivations for wanting to take down the Spanish Empire.

2) The players did a fantastic job of roleplaying. Each character has a distinct personality and their own viewpoint. They made interesting decisions and made the game fun.

3) The players got a lot of information and were starting to see the big picture of this particular adventure. They learned how far the Spanish had gone in the current time line in their attempts to take over the world and came up with a plan to stop the time travel problem entirely.