The Case of Sherlock Holmes: GM’s Session 1 Notes

“That’s right. I ran a Steam-Punk Sherlock Holmes game with Time Travel. I must be nuts.” – Melissa

After an exhausting night of interrogation at Scotland Yard, a group of London citizens are released due to lack of evidence. A surly inspector informs them that his men are watching them and by the day’s end he will convince the judge to allow Scotland Yard to hold the group indefinitely. Sherlock Holmes has been murdered in an apparent plot against the Queen of England.

An eclectic group of citizens work together to exonerate themselves of these terrible accusations. Dr. Watson, a professional doctor and former flat-mate of Sherlock Holmes is bent on finding the murderer of his good friend. Roderick Ambrose, a retired forensics expert and rival of Holmes needs to clear his name to regain his reputation with Scotland Yard. Irene Adler, con artist and charming young woman has just returned to London on the same day that Holmes has been murdered. It seems an unlikely coincidence. Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s older brother, wants to discover the murderer and save the Queen. His superior intellect and many connections in the government would surely come in handy. Verna Thatcher, accomplished cab driver and the last person in the group to see Holmes alive needs to clear her name.

After an adventurous day at many locations around the city (221 B Baker Street, the Morgue, the Evidence Locker, Dr. Watson’s home, an Abandoned Warehouse, and the Streets of London), the group of accused conspirators has had several run-ins with mysterious Spanish toughs. It seems that Holmes had paid off a ransom of stolen Spanish crown jewels for the return of a valuable hostage. He had been double-crossed however and the Spanish had him killed in his own home. The Spanish hold their prisoner at an Old Catholic Monastery in downtown London.

After a brawl and gun fight in the Monastery, the eclectic group of adventurers has rescued a confused and weary, 16 year-old Princess Elizabeth! Her reign ended hundreds of years in the past. The recently vandalized time machine in the courtyard stands between the return of Elizabeth to her time period and also the group’s chance to save Sherlock Holmes from his grizzly fate.

This game is run on the FUDGE system. The exact game mechanics are a work in progress and some minor tweaking may be done over the first few sessions or as needed.