Strange in Minnesota – Mississippi River Monster Case Summary

Strange in Minnesota – Mississippi River Monster Case Summary

Case Summary
The Storm A freakish storm has sunk The Pearl of the Lake and her crew.Life to The Max host, Greg Thunder, has been found dead on the shores of Lake Pepin.
Cassandra Cassandra Dubois
Forensic Scientist
Cassandra and her cadaver dog, Pavlov, have helped the Lake City police search the shores of Lake Pepin for bodies from the ship wreck.
Mark robinson Mark Robinson
Mechanic at Dick’s Auto-Repair
Mark Robinson has been intrigued by the idea of the lake monster and the $50,000 reward.
Peter moffett Peter Moffett
Video Technician and Cameraman
Peter Moffett was thrilled to learn of the $50,000 reward for finding evidence of Peppi.
Professor Professor Blair-Harper
College Professor
Professor Blair-Harper has become intrigued by the paranormal investigations of Greg Thunder.
Valarie Valarie Eyota Ratti
Tabloid Journalist
Valarie has met Greg Thunder at The Woodshed and briefly discussed that he was in the area to film some paranormal investigations.

Non-Player Characters
Gregthunder Greg Thunder
Host of Life to The Max
Greg Thunder was filming a sequel to the popular episode about Peppi, The Lake Pepin Monster, when the paddle boat he had rented for the excursion sank.
Peppi Peppi
The Monster of Lake Pepin
Over the years the question persists, what is Pepie? Because Lake Pepin is almost identical in size and geography to Scotland’s Loch Ness (which is 23 miles long and 1.5 miles wide), many people feel that Pepie is a relative of the famous Loch Ness creature dubbed Nessie.
The Evidence
Kwng Cougar Attack!
Life to the Max host Greg Thunder has been found dead on the shores of Lake Pepin two miles from downtown Lake City. He was filming a follow up episode to the 2009 expedition to track down Peppi, the Lake Pepin Monster. Read a transcript here.
Lifetothemax Life to The Max
Episode #68
Join Greg Thunder on his quest to discover the monster of Lake Pepin, also known as The Mississippi Monster. In this episode, chilling evidence proves the existence of Peppi. Watch the episode here.
Watched by Professor Blair-Harper
Republican eagle Living Curiosity
Wabasha County Sentinel, Wednesday, April 26, 1871
Giles Hyde and C. Page Bonney, report having seen some sort of sea monster, on Monday last, in the lake, between this and Stockholm. It was the size of an elephant and rhinoceros, and moved through the water with great rapidity. It is understood now, since they have told the story, that the same thing whatever it may be, has been seen on one or two other occasions. The water in the lake is known to be very deep, whales might live in – but this is not likely to be a whale, the question is, what is it?
Republican eagle Proof Positive
Durand Courier Wedge, 12/3/1987
Conclusive proof of Peppi the Lake Pepin Monster has turned up, as evidenced by this Polaroid photo otaken by an anonymous shutterbug while viewing swans in the Maiden Rock area on November 25. The inset is a blownup, grainy closeup of the creature. The photo was forwarded to The Courier-Wedge by Jean S. Diplodocus, who heads ISENIT, an organization dedicated to substantiating claims that a reptilian-like beast lurks in the murky waters of Lake Pepin. Diplodocus said the photo presents “conclusive evidence” that Peppi indeed exists and seems to be a creature other than a large carp.” See the article and photo here.
Document Death Certificate
Seawing Disaster Victims
There being no sign on their bodys of any violence, or any reason to belive or suspect any foul play, I therefore decided that no inquest Investigation. was necessary and that they came to their death by drowning, from being thrown into the Lake when the steamer capsized on July 13, A.D. 1890, and so report. See the full document here.

GM Only

To Do List
Print evidence files – Melissa
Print a map of the lake – Melissa
Create Lake Zombies/Revants – Russell

Princess Winona
Unrecovered Victims

Brain Storm Ideas

  • Unrecovered bodies, partially preserved in the depths of the lake, controlled by angry ghosts.
  • Ghosts were never given a proper funeral. They are pissed that the local authorities hid the fact that their bodies were missing.