Sherlock Holmes Tokens & Other Visual Aids

I’ve made character sheets with descriptions and a character sketch for each major character in the story. Since even the NPC’s could be used as Pre-Gen’s for drop in players, it helps me keep the characters straight as well. The photos also make finding the right NPC during the game much easier for me.

The success chart was important to post, since we made some changes to it. Somehow it is still too easy for the PC’s. They didn’t fail a single roll all night, much to my frustration. Oh well.

I used the 3/4″ magnetic buttons with a sticker front. Printing the characters at 3/4″ and cutting them out was very easy to to and I think the tokens turned out pretty well.

The Flag that you see on the dry erase board is another Visual Aide. I have different flags to emphasize the current political climate, based on the time line. The current flag shows that England is an occupied territory of Spain.

I used my label maker to make clear, easy to read initiative counters. The labels have a sticky back and are the exact same height as the magnetic strips that I bought.