Shayla Kaie – Character Concept

Many thanks to our GM, Eric for his help with this character background! Check out this unique homebrew setting at the Obsidian Portal Site for The Chronicles of a Dead Empire.

Character Background

Shayla Kaie is the youngest daughter of the well-known Merchant House of Kaie in the port town of Ren. Although she never showed much interest in reading or formal learning, she enjoyed listening to stories and rough-housing with her friends, developing a liking for physical activity. When she was almost a teenager a terrible fever overwhelmed her for nearly a year. They mysterious illness left her less robust and took away her grace. But in return, while her life hung in the balance, a vision appeared to the young woman. She saw herself in shining white armor, overlooking a dark battlefield in a far off land. When her fever broke, she felt as if she was blessed to do glorious work for the faith. She developed a strong code for herself based on her life experiences, and decided to make sure that she lived her life for the Star’s Source.

Damara (priestess) Jaedophea took an interest in Shayla as she was coming of age to enter priesthood when Shayla showed much interest in devoting her life to the religion. Despite her lack of interest in written things, robustness or grace, Sheayla had an unusually level head and a beauty inside and out that could only be described as “divine”. The Damara managed to talk to “Hulmar” (Priest-Captain), Xustrios to take Shayla as a student for military service in the Star’s Source.

Shayla was sent to the capital city of Lis and reported to the Star’s Source Gymaesium (training compound) where she received training in the martial arts as well as religious training. The training was painful and lengthy for Shayla, but through sheer determination she mastered what was required to be a “Palajeka” (Paladin). Although not qualified for guard service for the Khzar, she was sent out to report to Damar (priest) Laetroto in Dolja for guidance on her service to the faith. Shayla was sent on her way with arms, armor, clothes and supplies.

Shayla, being a lawful citizen, carries much on her back for the four-day journey on the old Imperial Road northward. The pack and armor is heavy, and road rockier than usual at times. Coming to the village of Asuli, Shayla was required to shed her armor and arms and put them away. Even for a faithful Palajeka, laws in regard to arms and armor are most stringent. Asuli is decent-sized village with a smallish Star’s Source temple. The Damar (priest) was welcoming and feed Shayla. She noticed the statue in the middle of the village, which the Damar explained is dedicated to a shepherd who found Bevzin Red-Handed and helped to end his reign of terror. The shepherd died in a skirmish, and made into a hero of the people. The next day Shayla started her trek to Dolja, a couple days walk to the north. Reaching Dolja, she again complied with the law of the land and entered its gates to find the Temple of Dolja and seek Damar Laetroto for further guidance.


In Armor: A paladin wearing simple banded-mail armor stands before you. The paladin’s face is covered by a metal helm. A pair of piercing blue eyes can be seen through the helm’s eye openings.

In Robes: A priest of The Star’s Source stands before you. Her dark blonde hair is loosely pinned back. The priest’s deep green robes bring out the striking blue color of her eyes. She carries herself with confidence. She bears much resemblence to those of the Old Empire.


Adalardo Kaie (male)- Father and powerful merchant. Supportive of his many children. He encourages them all to persue their talents and work hard for their dreams.

Bretta Kaie (female)- Oldest Sister and Intended Bride of Coalan Dunham – lower level noble and play boy. Acted almost as a mother to the younger children after Seanna Kaie’s death. (Their mother passed on from a painful infection that made it harder and harder to breath as time went on).

Saraid Ogilvie (female)- Best Friend, loved to rough house and have a good time with Shayla and their friends. The closest person in the world to Shayla. They are like sisters.


Enid Melor (female)- Priest of the Star’s Source and friend to Shayla during her stay at the academy.

Jarman Keelin (male)- Merchant that Shayla met on the road and travelled with for two days.

Kegan Lorne (male)- A Bard traveling with the Merchant’s Carivan.


Erlina Treva (female)- Bretta’s best friend, has always hated Shayla and picked on her from a young age. Shayla has never given her reason to dispise her or cause to behave with malice towards her.

Vanora Ula (female)- Rival Paladin during training, does not have good sportsmanship and can be surprisingly vendictive. Upset that Shayla seemed to be more favored.

Tuathal Renfrew (male)- One of the Elder Paladins of the Academy who must vote on a panel to confirm a paladin’s completion of training. He has always voiced the opinion that Shayla is not ready and is not fit for duty. He believes she is too physically weak to ever make a good Paladin.