Sergeant Riley Morgan – Spider Cop

Sergeant Riley Morgan – Spider Cop

My gaming group was very excited to get to playtest Beast: The Primordial for Onxy Path. Here’s the information about my character.

Character Sheet PDF

Sergeant Riley Morgan

  • How has life changed/remained the same since you became a Beast?
    • Riley’s career has greatly benefited from her improved confidence and sense of power. She has earned a place in the community policing program – a practice in which an officer builds relationships with the citizens of local neighborhoods and mobilizes the public to help fight crime.  This has actually helped Riley to feel more like she fits in and gives her a sense of purpose.

  • What does your average day look like?
    • As a uniformed officer for the Portland, Oregon Police Department, Riley’s days are quite varied. Much of her time is spent responding to calls and doing paperwork.  Occasionally she must direct traffic at the scene of an accident, investigate a burglary or give first aid to an accident victim.  Typical Day: Morning run. Breakfast at The Holy Donut.  A long day on the job.  Lunch at Dutch’s Diner.  Dinner is something microwaved at home.  Nothing too special.
  • When was the last time you fed and how? What happened?
    • Born locally, Riley knows the citizens in her community very well. She chooses to feed from tourists and out-of-towners who are passing through.
    • Riley’s latest victim was wealthy woman in an expensive Mercedes GL-Class SUV. A spoiled rotten soccer mom who probably never worked a day in her life.  She was in a hurry to pick up her little Brownie from a Girl Scout weekend camp.  The woman had a terrible attitude and tried to blow off the ticket as though it was a waste of her time.  It was such a shame that she had to take time out of her busy day to deal with Sergeant Morgan.  Riley made sure to hit her for everything she could.  The more the woman protested how long the traffic stop was taking, the more fines Riley found to give her.  For good measure, Riley busted a taillight before heading back to the squad car.  It brought a smile to Riley’s face thinking that maybe another officer down the road will enjoy giving her a hard time about that.
  • What is your character currently working towards? What do they want to accomplish in the near future? What is taking up most of their thoughts at this moment?
    • Riley is working to impress the chief and earn a promotion to Lieutenant.
    • Riley wants to become a county sheriff.
    • Right now she is fairly career obsessed. There are 163 sworn officers in the Portland Police Department, the largest PD in the state.  It can be difficult to stand out and there is a lot of competition.
  • Who does your character spend time around? What are his/her relationships with those people?
    • Riley’s boss, Major Carlson, sees Riley as a little over enthusiastic. She doesn’t come to him for help or guidance as often as she probably should.
    • Riley gets along well with the other officers in her department and the patrons of her favorite diner. As far as most can tell, she is an upstanding citizen who contributes to the safety and well-being of her city.  Riley volunteers for community work often with her fellow officers.
    • Riley visits her mother, Eleanor, at her home or at Spring Harbor Hospital (psychiatric) where she works. The two do not have a very great relationship.  They get along, but don’t spend much time together as they have little in common.  Eleanor over analyzed her daughter from a young age and was uncomfortable with the sadistic streak that sometimes materialized in Riley’s actions.