Rosaline Brandon – Journalist


Rosaline Brandon was once a fairly well respected journalist. Young and eager to show the editors at the Tribune that she belonged on their regular payroll, she had often gone out of her way for a story. Trespassing, computer hacking, breaking and entering were all tools of the trade that Rosaline was not afraid to use to get the good scoops.

While interviewing a wealthy, benevolent couple in their sprawling mansion in Winnetka, a few heated words were exchanged. Apparently, Rosaline had asked a few too many questions about the Doctor’s recent Malpractice Suits for Dr. Whitley’s tastes. The argument would have resulted in Rosaline being removed from the property, if it hadn’t been the exact moment that Mother Luna decided to grant Rosaline her first change.

The parlor room at the Whitley’s mansion was a terrible, bloody mess and Rosaline found herself confused and in a panic. Unfortunately, she couldn’t resist the urge to later report on the murder. She had attempted to help cover up some possible incriminating evidence by subterfuge and a few inaccuracies in her articles.

As the investigation continued, more and more pieces of the puzzle started to conflict with previously reported “facts” about the case. Rosaline became a suspect in the case and her own alibi fell through. She was lucky to escape the whole fiasco through the rather unethical practices of her defense lawyer and the incompetence of the Chicago Police Department. Their botched investigation earned her an acquittal.