Pinterest – A GM’s Handy Tool

Pinterest – A GM’s Handy Tool

I ran across a cool character portrait that I could use as inspiration for an NPC in my MUD game, Lands of Oneiro.  I found an awesome little dungeon that I could use the next time I run a D&D session.  Thanks to my little browser’s Pinterest button, that character portrait and the map of the little dungeon were both added to my boards.  This is  a great way to build up a collection of resources that you can utilize in your game sessions.  Your players will love the chance to see the NPC’s they meet. You will thank yourself for saving a random pirate name generator the next time your party goes swashbuckling in what you had foolishly believed to be a land-locked campaign.

In my Tabletop Resources section, you’ll find the following 3 new tools to get you started on your Game Master Pinterest Collection Hunt:

Fantasy Characters
Melissa’s fantasy character portraits collection on Pinterest


Adventure Locations
Melissa’s collection of maps and location artwork on Pinterest.


Name Generators
Melissa’s collection of name generators on Pinterest.