Paladin Vows for The Star’s Source

This is the first time that I have been asked by a GM to write the rules for the members of one of my character’s organizations. As a Paladin of the Star’s Source, rigid vows were required for Shayla Kaie before her training completion. I felt the most appropriate form of documentation would be in the form of a list of vows.

I must lend assistance to those who deserve and require aide.

I must bring honor to The Star’s Source at all times.

I may never use a substance that alters the mind and impairs judgement.

I may never gamble or spend recklessly.

I may never loot or disrespect a final resting place.

I must not steal, ever.

I must not lie or lie through omission.

I must not desecrate my body, neither by public display of nudity nor wanton promiscuity.

I cannot let any crime go unreported.

I must present myself to those in authority openly.

I must fight honorably.

I will not break any just laws unless they directly conflict with my faith.

I will use judicious consideration concerning laws of a cruel nature enforced by tyrants

I may brake unjust laws if necessary.