One Page Dungeon Contest Entry – Rough Draft 1PDC

If you haven’t heard about the 1 Page Dungeon Contest, you’ve been living under a rock.  Here’s my rough draft of my entry:

A Whole Heap of Trouble – An Old West Reverse Dungeon by Melissa Moritz

After cleaning out an abandoned silver mine and building a small cabin to disguise the entrance, the new Highwayman’s Haven boasts all of the amenities that any smuggler or bandit would be proud of.


The Ol’ Shack is hardly a livable shelter. A run down looking mess, this one-room hovel doesn’t have much by the way of creature comforts.

The Bunk Room isn’t much more than a pair of bunk beds and old stool.

The Chow Wagon is a small room filled with dried jerky and basic food supplies. An old cupboard and a simple table and chairs fill the tiny space.

The Plunder Room is where you’ve stashed your illegal contraband and have your hostage tied up.

The “Out House” is your  fully functioning toilet.

The Cistern is an unground water-holding room. The cistern leads up to a well behind The Ol’Shack.  A handy escape ladder leads up the well.

The Smuggler’s Tunnel leads to the entrance of the old mining claim from The Ol’ Shack. You and your men have dug out and shored up the tunnel with beams.

Interestin’ Folk

Kitty Granger is a powerful spoiled young lady just returned from gettin’ her education back east. The local scuttlebutt reads that her uppity personality prevents her from landing a husband. Luckily for you, your men hit pay dirt when they captured this filly and you hope to wrangle a good ransom for her.

Harvey Granger is Dry Gulch’s mayor and Kitty’s father.  Surely he’ll pay by hook or by crook to get her back.

Warren, The California Whipsnake is an aggressive, fast moving killer known for making daring escapes from lawmen.  Recently self-paroled from the hoosegow, Warren knows these parts like nobody else.  He can get you supplies but you’ll pay through the nose.

Time Line

First Morning at Highwayman’s Haven

You’ve left word with the local sheriff’s office about Kitty’s predicament.  Now you just need to lay low for a spell and wait for the money to come in.  You’d better plan out how you are going to pass off the purty little lady and get your due.

First Evening – Slower than Molasses in January

Dry Gulch isn’t but an hour away by horseback.  Y’all should have heard something by now, but there’s been no sign of a reply at the designated spot.

Morning of the Second Day – All to Pieces

It’s clear that the locals aren’t going to pony up the dough for  Kitty’s release.  If that doesn’t put a spoke in your wheel, I don’t know what would.

Afternoon of the Second Day – The Jig Is Up!

While your hostage has proven as useful as tits on a bull , it turns out that a trio of dangerous men are fixin’ to barge into your hideout and make their claim on the ol’ silver mine.  They’re all steamed up about the prospect of turning a profit and got a notion to take the mine from y’all.