Norven The Bard

The coins felt light today to Norven’s fingers as he felt around in his belt pouch. He would need more adventurers today if he was going to settle his tab this week. Durnan, the human who ran the inn, wouldn’t take an unpaid debt lightly. The retired adventurer seemed to enjoy his money, almost as much as Norven did his.

“Norven, got a pair coming in for ya, by the looks o’ it,” one of Norven’s familiar clients told him from across the next table. The dwarf’s tankard was momentarily lifted towards the door, indicating the two apparent adventurers who had just arrived from outside on Rainrun Street.

“Thanks, I’ll take care of them,” Norven noded in the dwarf’s direction.

“I’m sure ya will,” came the reply as the dwarf settled back into his drink.

Character Concept:

Norven runs a small business from the corner table in the Yawning Portal Inn. The inn’s owner doesn’t mind as long as he continues to pay for his room, board and drinks. The bard offers a match-making service for adventurers seeking compatriots to delve into Undermountain with. He keeps an extensive list of adventurers.

Each entry lists the adventurer’s area of expertise, a general level of competence (rated by other adventurers who have been matched up together in the past) and a notes section.

For long term campaigns in Undermountain, Norven provides a convenient way for a new adventuring party to get together and hit the dungeon with a running start. He can also provide contacts for replacements since his ‘clients’ usually let him know when they arrive in town. This can be a convenient means of dealing with unfortunate deaths that leave a party shorthanded. Once the party has returned to the inn, Norven can find an appropriate replacement.

Service Charges:

Enrollment and Administrative Fees: a onetime charge of 10 gold
Ongoing Membership Dues: 5 gold per month or 40 gold per year.