Neferious Tendencies – Creatures of the Night

Musings of the Dark Powers – GM’s Notes

Upon arriving in a small village, Aeris, Graven, Sardis and Y’lene quickly realized how out of place they were. The locals wore clothing vastly different than the fashions of Nidala. There was a strange local dialect that none of them could recognize. Fortunately, some locals also spoke a common language that could be understood.

Graven searched the village for hats that would help the party blend in. Sardis spent quality time in a corner table at the local tavern. Aeris considered violence against the rude barmaid and Y’lene impatiently waited to move on to the capital.

The city of Avignon was a short two hours ride north along the road. Avignon appeared as a sprawling city of lights in the otherwise darkness of the night. No walls or fortification were visible. As four travelers entered the city, a trio of vicious wild dogs attacked them. A pair of city guards intervened to help the travelers. The noise of a crowd at The Leg of Lamb Tavern drew the group into the establishment and off the streets.

The patrons of The Leg of Lamb Tavern were a rough sort. Mercenaries and cutthroats drank heavily and waited for dangerous jobs. Graven spotted a former aquaintenace at a table and went off to discuss local news. Aeris, Sarid and Y’lene stuck together in a corner table. The alcohol was crude and there was no food on the menu.

A local man, Meridius, approached the table. He offered to meet them over dinner to discuss a proposal. The four travelers took a carriage to Bothwell’s, a social club recommended by Meridius. A private dining room had been arranged for them.

Meridius asked each of the travelers why they were in Nibese. Answers were forthcoming from some and not so much from others. Graven told everyone that he had proof showing he was the rightful heir to the throne in Nibese. Aeris admitted to being a tiefling but said only that she was lost here and traveling with Graven. Sardis spoke of his unique powers with magics of the mind and his quest to find great artifacts of mental power. Y’lene explained that she cannot return home due to a failed surface raid that she led. Meridius told the group that he was a vampire who had recently killed his sire.

Meridius offered to use his political connections and local knowledge to help the group, in exchange for a taste of Y’lene’s blood. After a moment of hesitation, Y’lene agreed to deal. Dinner was served and conversation among the group continued late into the night. Topics included the traveling compansions, the need for new clothing, personality conflicts and the land of Nibese.

With sunrise arriving soon, Meridius bid the traveling companions a good morning and arranged to meet them again the next night.