Nefarious Tendencies – Zurik’s Story

Zurik’s Goals

By updating this page as Zurik’s goals and motivations change, I’ll be better prepared to have the types of adventures that he wants ready.

Current Goals

Resurrect Alis
Bring Caster & Materials to Secret Lair
Attempt Resurrection
Discover Why Divine Magic Doesn’t Work
Take Body to Nidala and Try There

Rebellion – Due to Plague and Forced Recruitment of Magical Students

Divine Magic Problem
Study Divine Tomes, Scrolls and Documents
Investigate Ruins

Nurid, Ancient Elder
Need information on the Elder
Slay Ingoth to cause an early awakening
Will need more resources to take it on or destroy it

Possible Future Goals

Plague – A Sign of Nurid’s Awakening
Make use of the bodies to build an army of undead

Taking over the Academy

Conquering Kos
Gain Control of The Celarr

Gaining Power / Becoming a Lich

Zurik’s Failed Power Checks

  1. Gruesome murder of Setsuna
    +2 Charisma
    Deathly Palor
  2. Horrific murder of Alikain
    Bonus Feat: Improved Animiation
    Cannot turn off Fear Aura
  3. The Slaying of the Vistani of Nidala
    Spell-like ability at will: See through minions eyes
    Eyes glow green
  4. The mercy killing of two young necromancer runaways
    +5 Natural Armor Bonus
    Hollow, deathly voice
  5. Killing the monks of the Belenus in southern Nidala
    Phylactery appeared from the mists
  6. Slain a priest of Elhonna during the ritual to become a lich