Nefarious Tendencies – Separation Anxiety

Musings of the Dark Powers – GM’s Notes

As the crowd of nobles, guards and servants evacuated the house, the party of adventurers split up.
The Grande Archduchesses floated away from the city with Marcus in persuit. The two mist-formed vampires seemed locked in a perpetual race with no winner, until the Grande Archduchesses reformed in a field outside of a small village. Marcus followed suit and the two began to trade banter back and forth.

Graven left the house, headed away from the chaos. He stumbled into an old man, leaning heavily on a wall. The old man labored to breath. He was one of the slaves that Graven recently released from the Grande Archduchess’s cells. The man introduced himself as Vicomte Perrigrew Dubois and he promised Graven much gold and a great treasure if he would help him escape. Graven assisted the old man as they headed towards one of the nicer neighborhoods in the city. The two discussed many things along the way, including the rumors of a possible heir to the previous king. It seemed that when Amin slew the Valois royal family, the youngest daughter, Jeanna, may have escaped or been spared. Graven considered this as they traveled across town.

As she raced down the street, away from the disasterous party, Aeris heard the sounds of footsteps behind her. One of the Avignon Defenders was hot on her trail. As the half-demon passed a dark alleyway, a mysterious woman grabbed the city guard and slew him with uncanny skill. Aeris could not resist her curiosity and watched the woman who was dressed like a man in leather pants and a finely tailored shirt loot the body.

The Grande Archduchess offered Marcus a deal he could not refuse. She would make sure that the king approved the transition of Duc Rinfield’s title, properties and money to Marcus through the former Duc’s last will and testiment. Arena wanted Y’lene. The two agreed for an exchange the next evening. Arena, promised to send one of her courriers to trade the approved will for the drow.

Graven arrived with the Vicomte to find out the old man had a beautiful daughter. The Vicomte, concerned for the girl’s safety, begged Graven to see the two of them off to a far away city, Orlean. The Victome said that he knew the man who owned The Flapping Rooster, an airship that would take them over the mountains to Orlean within a day’s time. He gave Graven a small chest, containing twenty thousand gold worth of coins and gemstones. The Vicomte, his daughter Sabine and Graven set off for the airfield.

Aeris followed the unknown woman, watching her professionally pick off many people. The woman chose her victims with purpose, knew where they were headed, got ahead of them, snuffed out light sources and knew the right place on every street to make the kills. Her dangerous, glowing blade appeared in her hand out of nowhere, right when she was ready to stike at her victims. Aeris stalked behind the woman and watched from the rooftops.

Marcus searched a poor neighborhood for a homeless person to feed off of. He found several possible candidates and settled one one that he knew was ready to die. He treated the starving man to a last meal of hearty soup. It was not long before Marcus’ own hunger was sated. He returned to bothwell’s, eager to meet up with his recently met companions.

The old man told Graven that the beautiful young woman, Sabine, was his reward. The Vicomte’s daughter was his greatest treasure. The old man begged for Graven to take Sabine to Orlean and claimed that he would not survive the journey himself. Graven told the old man he would only help him further if the Vicomte signed a legal last will and testiment, making Graven his heir to the title of Vicomte and his lands. The Vicomte agreed and the document was signed by the Vicomte and witnessed by the ship’s captain.

Aeris returned to Bothwell’s, meeting up with Y’lene outside. The pair began to plan on breaking into Aeris’ bedroom window from the rear alleyway. Marcus met the pair and assisted Y’lene in her attempt to climb up the wall. Aeris had cut her dresses’ skirts off and had no problem scaling the building to get to the window on her own.

The beautiful Sabine cried alone in the private cabin that the Captain provided for the couple, but Graven chose to sleep on the ship’s deck. He spent the night alone, shivering in the cold, exposed to the night’s winds. Sabine slept warm in her bed, lonely and exhausted from the stress of being wrenched from all that she knew behind.

Inside the private room, Marcus revealed to the women that he had struck a deal with the Grande Archduchess and would be trading Y’lene to her shortly. He said that Arena wanted Y’lene because her blood contained magic powers and he demonstrated this by summoning a globe of darkness. Aeris expressed concern for Y’lene’s safety while the drow expressed concern over payment for her part in the plan. Marcus agreed to share much wealth with the drow for the task and the three set about creating plans for how to double-cross Arena.

When the airship landed, Graven gave Sabine the chest of coins and gems. She sadly looked at him and asked why he was leaving and why he wouldn’t stay with her. He told her that he got the title he wanted and delivered her safely to Orlean. He asked the captain to take him back to Avignon and the captain agreed to take him without charge. Graven reboarded the vessel, his eyes taking in the horizon.

The courier arrived with the Duc’s approved will. It was signed, sealed and official. Marcus picked up Y’lene and handed her to the courier. As Y’lene and the courier left together, Y’lene wondered if the Grande Archduchesses would be much the same as Marcus and she worried over the plans that had been made for her retrieval.

After a long journey back to Avignon, Graven met up with Aeris and Marcus outside of Bothwell’s. The three quickly realized they were being watched by the female assassin that Aeris had seen earlier. The three engaged her in combat. It was a rough battle, the woman knew her blade very well. Graven was severely injured during the fight, but he managed to kill the rooftop assassin with Aeris and Marcus assisting. The woman’s corpse wore a necklace bearing a royal seal, not like Amin’s. Graven surmised that this may be the missing Valois heir, dead at their feet.