Nefarious Tendencies – Dinner and Dancing

Nefarious Tendencies – Dinner and Dancing

Musings of the Dark Powers – GM’s Notes

As Aeris, Graven, Sardis and Y’lene arrived at Bothwell’s, the local street urchin met Graven outside and pulled him aside for a favor.

The remainder of the group went inside the social club. Sardis dominated their prisoner and sent him up to one of their rooms. Meridius was already waiting for them in a private dining room. A quiet meal was had by all, except for Meridius who did not eat. Sealed messages were waiting at the hotel for several members of the party, each handed to them by the club’s staff.

Meridius had been invited to a party at the Grande Archduchess’s chateau that evening. Aeris also expressed that she was expected to attend. Since it was possible that the king would be there, it was agreed by all that going to the party would be beneficial. Y’lene complained that the event would be boring, but she agreed to go none-the-less. Aeris asked Sardis to accompany her and Meridius asked Y’lene the same.

Graven joined dinner late and then everyone shared information about their adventures in the city that day. After the evening meal, everyone went to their rooms to get ready for the party.

The chateau was heavily guarded by the Grande Archduchess’s own men who wore light blue and gold tabbards and hats. Her livery included the fleur-de-lys pattern, a right reserved for royalty that as the King’s sister she was permitted.

The party began smoothly.

Alphonse invited himself to Sardis’ table and discussed the recruitment efforts that the Dantones offered him. Alphonse threatened Sardis and insulted him when he refused to offer his services to the Dantones immediately.

Graven approached the king’s table, studying the man intently. One of the king’s guards demanded that he move along as he was acting strangely and seemed to be a security threat.

Meridius and Y’lene danced very well, gaining the attention of the Grande Archduchess. She seemed unpleased to see them in attendance.

Aeris caught the eye of Gilles, the Chamberlain. The king did make an appearance, announcing an engagement to a lovely young woman named Mirabelle. Aeris danced with Gilles until he excused himself, to tend to the King.

Aeris studied the chamberlain on the balcony, determined to surprise the man. He told her that he knew she was waiting in the shadows and ordered her to go back to the party. Fortunately for her, Meridius recognized her condition and countered it by dominating her himself and ordering her to do as she wanted.

Meridius greeted Lady Margot and her companion, the Duc of Rin. It was scandelous to have the proprietor of The Red Phillips accompanying a married Duc and Merdius made sure to make a few snide comments to the pair. He then began to flirt with the Lady, trying to get information about her clients. The Duc left in a huff. Shortly thereafter, Y’lene also left, to find more to drink at the wine bar.

Graven snooped around the chateau, finding a secret passage in the study that led down a spiral staircase to holding cells. The cells contained pale, malnurished humans with bite marks on their necks. Graven freed the slaves and watched the chaos that ensued when the slaves interrupted the party upstairs.

Alphonse went to dominate many of the slaves, ordering them back into their cells. Making use of the chaos, Sardis launched a mental attack against Alphonse. Alphonse choaked and gagged for air. He fell over dead shortly thereafter. Guards rushed to handle the remaining escaped slaves.

Aeris went to attack Gilles, but he immediately teleported to the king’s side. Before she could attack him, the Chamberlain, the King and Mirabelle all disappeared. Aeris and Graven attacked several guards as the nobles and servants fled in panic.

The Grande Archduchess had found her way to Y’lene. She grabbed the little drow woman with an unnatural strength. With extended fangs, she prepared to bite Y’lene but the cleric managed to escape her grip. Meridius joined the fray and attacked the Grande Archduchess. Shortly thereafter, Y’lene rebuked both of the vampires, putting them in a state of awe. Once attacked, the Grande Archduchess fled, turning into a mist and floating out the window. Meridius persued, also in mist form.

Graven, Aeris, Sardis and Y’lene fled the party.