Nefarious Tendencies – Change of Ownership

Musings of the Dark Powers – GM’s Notes

Third Night after Rebel’s Meeting
Zurik visits the Black Market to purchase some items of dark power. He receives a note from Deathsong informing him that he will not be a part of the main assault on the Keep. Deathsong has other plans for him. Rumors spread through the city about refugees from the north. Elenna has refused them entry into the city. The riots within Touraine worsen. Elenna has declared Martial Law.

4th Night after Rebel’s Meeting
Deathsong asks Zurik to check into information that one of her informants, Mara has given her about the prisoners of Elenna, Kimurn and Eomara. Mara has been the leader of the local thieve’s guild ever since Deathsong had put her into power some years ago. Deathsong says that if the two prisoners are not alive and in the keep, there will be complications and questions from the followers of Alikain. It could cause problems with the rebellion. Deathsong offers to pay Zurik but he tells her that he will negotiate a price with her later. She also asks that if Mara has tricked her, to kill the rogue.

Zurik discovers that Mara has been deceiving Deathsong. The documents from the “Prison Log Book” are forgeries. The feather is just an ordinary eagle’s feather and the tortured city guard had actually provided no information to support Mara’s claims, until he was far past the breaking point from her cruel methods.

5th Night after Rebel’s Meeting

Sarena turns Mara into a vampire after questioning her. When Deathsong finds out about Mara’s betrayal, she reacts with an unusually vivid display of emotion. Upset at not being able to take out her anger and frustration upon Mara (now that she belongs to Zurik), Deathsong storms out of The Sour Ghoul and proceeds to murder Elena Faith-hold in a rage.

A terrible thunderstorm accompanies the change of power.

6th Night after Rebel’s Meeting
Deathsong informs Zurik that she went to the Hold and checked the dungeons for signs of the two prisoners and did not find them there. She has begun a search for the two in ernest.

Zurik takes possession of Mara’s house, a large affair in a nice neighborhood. Her former guild now suffers from infighting. Those loyal to Deathsong outwardly attempt to kill those still loyal to Mara. A pack of Deathsong’s supporters follow Zurik and attempt to kill Mara late after the Zurik’s group leaves the Sour Ghoul.