Nefarious Tendancies – Paladins are Stupid

Musings of the Dark Powers – GM’s Notes

Third Night after Rebel’s Meeting

After awaking at Mara’s safe house, Graven and Aeris look out of the window to see a city in turmoil. There are open riots on the street. Elena has declared Martial Law. As the pair travel through the city, roof-top to roof-top, Aeris is contacted by a thief hiding in the shadows of an alleyway. Through a brief conversation via Thieve’s Cant, the thief makes Aeris aware of a note he has left for her. It seems that Deathsong has other plans for the pair, they will not be a part of the main assault on the Keep.

Aeris and Graven head to the Sour Ghoul tavern to find out what is going on. Graven postures against a northern man who has been staring at Aeris. The notherner and a woman in a cloak get into a tense conversation with him at their corner table near the stairs. Meanwhile, Aeris discusses the change of plans with Deathsong. There is much activity and political maneuvering going on at the tavern that night.

After chasing down a patron of the Sour Ghoul, Graven and Aeris discover the true nature of Deathsong. She is a vampire and needs to feed off the blood of others. This puts the undead woman into a new light for the pair that did not trust her much to begin with.

Graven and Aeris return to the Sour Ghoul and question the Northern man and the cloaked woman, Isotiri in Isotiri’s room. It turns out that Isotiri is a tiefling as well. She claims to be related to Aeris and offers no hope of escape from the lands of the mists.

4th Night after Rebel’s Meeting

The stench of burning flesh hangs on the morning air. Elena had many southern rebels burned in the town squares that day. The assault on the keep began in full earnest. A long and drawn out seige, due to the honorable tactics of Alikain’s forces does not seem to have made much progress.

Aeris and Graven investigate the changes in the city, the new laws, the northerners camped outside the city and the encampment of Alikain’s forces outside of Faith-hold Keep.

5th Night after Rebel’s Meeting

A tense conversation between Deathsong, Mara, Zurik and Sareena sends the Vampire Bard, Deathsong out of the Sour Ghoul in an angry fury. She returns hours later as a storm rages over the city. The assault on the keep cannot wait, but the blood-covered Deathsong informs the rebels in her special night infiltration team that she has already dealt a major blow to the palains of Faith-hold keep.

After sneakin into the keep through a secret passage connected to the dungeons, the assault team is quickly abandoned by Deathsong who disappears to go off on her own. A pair of rogues step off to make quick work of the Servant’s quarters as many cries of dismay and alarm come from that direction. Aeris and Graven take a more subtle approach and sneak up on individual guards that they can single out.

Elena is dead, apparently at the hands of Deathsong. The paladin had placed a statue of herself on the main altar of her chapel. Apparently the woman believed herself a god in the end. Interesting papers from her desk were quickly pocketed away by Aeris before the pair fought their way out of the castle.