Nefarious Tendancies – Northward Bound

Musings of the Dark Powers – GM’s Notes

After leaving Faith-hold Keep, Graven and Aeris rest up during the day. The following night, they head to the Sour Ghoul Tavern to see what is going on. Celebrations continue after the death of Elena. The two sell the paperwork they found in Elena’s office to Deathsong and collect their reward for participating in the previous night’s incursion. A mysterious stranger in the tavern catches Aeris’ eye.

At the black market, Aeris strikes up a conversation with the mysterious stranger. The man introduces himself as Sardis. He is also traveling north and needs a protective escort. He hires Aeris and her partner, Graven.

Deathsong informs Graven that among the paperwork from Elena’s office is a letter of patent. The royal family of Nibese has been detailed out in those papers. When Elena asks Graven how old he is and where he was born, he admitted that he did not really know. Elena points to the letter of patent to show him that his own name is listed in the family tree of the royals. Deathsong does not know of a land named Nibise, but offers to return the papers to Graven in exchange for a future favor owed.

The trio set out along the northern road, intent on discovering the meaning behind the werewolf attacks in the area and searching for additional means of power and wealth along the way. A large pack of werewolves attack the group just outside of a small village. The fight is overwhelming but the trio survive by slaying the five werewolves. Injured, they head into the village to find shelter.