Nefarious Tendancies – Drow and Wolves and Spiders, Oh My!

Musings of the Dark Powers – GM’s Notes

Aeris, Graven and Sardis recover for the remainder of the night above an abandoned butcher’s shop. At dawn, Sardis goes out to explore the village alone. Aeris and Graven rest and spend the morning in casual conversation while they recooperated.

Sardis did not find much of interest in the village. He did grab some basic supplies as he went from building to building. The villages had taken most of their valuables and food when they fled. The werewolves had taken anything that remained.

As Sardis scanned the old blacksmith’s shop with his mind, he felt another being inside. The person was thinking in Drow. It seemed that a surface raid went awry when the Drow had found werewolves instead of simple villagers. The woman inside the blacksmith’s shop was the sole survivor of the raid. Sardis negotiated for her healing services in exchange for traveling together.

When Sardis returned with his guest, she immediately went to heal Aeris and then later made her way to tend to Graven. The woman introduced herself as Y’lene Zauwaer, a priestess of Lloth. Sardis explained that Y’lene would be traveling north with them to Nibese.

After all wounds were tended to, the group of four made their way northward along the road. They soon passed the village’s graveyard where Graven made a quick search for his newly discovered family name and crest. There were no signs of the royal family of Nibese here.

The next village was abandoned completely. Its graveyard also had no relations to Graven in it. Graven scouted out ahead into the village. After hunting down a stag, Graven returned to discuss the need for shelter. Against his advice, the group decided to stay in the village’s largest home for a night of comfort and pampering. The house was a grande affair with several bedrooms and even a bathtub!

As Aeris took the first night’s watch, howls of night predators filled the air. Werewolves were circling the house! As Aeris and Graven took on a werewolf in the kitchen, Y’lene handled one at the front door and Sardis attacked those outside of the house with his mind.

The following day, the group set off for the city of Drya. The city had constructed temporary barricades and were searching visitors for weapons and signs of lycanthropy. The group decided it was best to leave the road and continue to head north through the open terrain.

An abandoned cabin in the roughlands seemed like the perfect place to stay. In the middle of the night, a colossal spider roamed the area hunting for food. The group made quick work of the monstrocity, despite Y’lene’s awe and admiration over the creature.