More Athens News

The military point system, clan system and arena are now all complete and fully functional. Players who are clanned now lose points and gain points through pkilling.

An example of all the player houses (1 room – 7 room) are now completed and installed into the public areas of the game. Their doors are unlocked and available for players to explore and view.

The list of things needed to make our game more ready to be open to a larger player base is short. I feel confident that with a good effort put forth, we could be ready for more extensive testing in no time.

I’m hoping for a large get-together of the immortals to discuss the finer details of changes occurring in our mud and to exchange ideas. I know that it is almost impossible to find a time that works for everyone.

-Hera, Queen of the Gods



Fight monsters while gods interfer to become a hero or join in the great political debate about democracy and the war between city-states. A highly intense roleplay environment awaits those who wish to enter the world of ancient Greek Mythology. Athens is a free to play mud, a text-based internet game where multiple players interact online.

Athens is located at port 9000

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