Mia’s Offline Journal – Page 2

Deleted immediately, to prevent the FEDs from reading it.

Melody had me check her bag.  Sure enough, it was full of tobacco, cat nip and oregano.  How she had been fooled into buying that instead of real weed was beyond me.  I decided to pay a visit to the “competition”.  Jackie’s roommate was selling “weed” to girls in the school.  I didn’t know if she had any real product or was just conning Melody.  Either way, I would get her money back for her.

When I knocked at the door, Jackie asked me what I wanted.  I told her I was here to see her roommate, Amber and pushed my way into the room, locking the door behind me.

“Get into the closet,” I said to Jackie.

She stared at me dumbfounded for a moment and asked, “What?”

“Get in the closet; it’s for your own good,” I repeated, pushing the girl into her closet.  She didn’t need to see what I was about to do to her roommate.  Amber was sitting on her bed, listening to her IPOD and had no clue that anything was amiss.  I took Jackie’s desk chair and shoved it under the bathroom door to keep the girls in the adjoining room out.

I tapped the girl’s shoulder and she turned to face me.  I gritted my teeth, “Where’s the money?”

“What money?”

“The money you swindled Melody out of for that bag of crap.”

“That’s my money.  And you have to admit that it was funny.”

“Where’s the money?” I repeated harshly.

“You listen here.  You’re just a freshman, and I’m a sophomore…” Amber said, the tone of her voice rising with ire.

“You were a sophomore,” I replied dryly as I dove for her, tackling her to the bed.

“Where’s the money?” I asked for the third and final time as I drew my knife threateningly.

“It’s my money,” she said in denial.

“It’s my school,” I educated her.

“In the top desk drawer,” she said, winded from being knocked down.

The drawer only had $50 in it.   “Where’s the rest of it?” I asked.

“That’s all there is.  She only paid me $50 for it.”

“I mean, where’s the rest of YOUR money?” I asked.

“That’s all that she gave me,” Amber cried, frustrated.

“I returned to the bed and punched Amber in the temple.  She fell back on her bed unconscious.  She was going to be out of it for a while, so I propped a desk chair under the closet door to keep Jackie out of the way.  There was another $100 scattered throughout the room.  The oregano spice jar was near the microwave.  I poured it all over the unconscious Amber and her bed.  I found the half-empty cat toy in the trash and threw it onto the growing pile on the bed.  The partial pack of cigarettes went into my own pocket for later.  Amber’s trash can was full and dumping it on her helped complete the message.  Don’t mess with me.