Mia’s Mafioso Life – The Shakespeare Factor

Enzo – Mia’s Cousin (Tybolt)
A bad ass, who has a reputation. He is about about his reputation, he wants everyone to know he’s strong and independant. He doesn’t take shit from anyone. He loves to fight and has it in for The Chicago Boys – he hates them. Ezno’s has not had an easy life, his father is more of a “self-made” man. Enzo’s learned to fight for what he wants, to not play by the rules, to really trust no one but himself he has a “tough guy” persona Very serious, not the kind of guy you want to piss off… but of course, that is what Mia and Joey will do. Enzo is the leader of the Brooklyn Kids clique.

Joey – Mia’s Crush (Romeo)

Joey is more quiet. He can be boisterous with his friends and can be very social. Joey has a more level head and thinks things through, rather than rushing to a conclusion and trying to get back at people. He is not above some hijinks and does like to goof off with the guys, but never takes it too far. He will fight fiercely for those he cares about.

Joey’s family is “old money” and he isn’t concerned about what anyone else thinks. He’s secure in his fortune, so to speak. Joey is a middle ranking member of the Chicago Boys, due to his general lack of activity. He could care less about the Brooklyn Kids until they bother him. He can hold his own in a fight and is athletic as well but he doesn’t live for a good fight like Enzo.