Mia’s Mafioso Life – The Exchange

I enjoyed today’s Buffy game.  We only had two players due to schedule conflicts.  This meant that our characters got to go off and have their own, customized adventures.  It was pretty darn awesome.  Thanks Rob for the gaming!

“I hope you brought protection… and by protection I mean a pocket protector.” – Mia insulting Suzie for being a goody-two-shoes.  Suzie had snuck into the boy’s school to do some research instead of going there to have a good time.

Mia’s Offline Journal

Deleted immediately after typing, since Mia is paranoid about “The Feds”.

The evening started out well.  Most things went according to plan.  I rounded up some of the girls who are “boy crazy”.  They were happy to get the chance to go to the boy’s school, Bicford Prep. I told them each that they would get their cut of the profit when we get back to St. P’s.

I had been emailing in code to Enzo so that he knows what to expect. I told him about how many girls at my school have secret “crushes” – IE how many girls I expect to have at the exchange. The code came in handy for the other deal as well. I sent him a list of the medications that I want to sell him. That was under the guise that these are the medications that I am learning about in a nursing course. The drugs are in air-tight zip-top bags in a small backpack. A large chunk of Styrofoam in the bag will keep it afloat should it go overboard during out journey across the lake. Got to protect the merchandise.

At the last minute, I invited Switchblade Suzie along. She had blogged an interest in going to the school. Since there was a spare seat on the canoe, I figured I could get a favor out of her for the transportation. Since I knew a few things about our class’s presidential candidate, I had hoped to leverage her silence about the evening’s escapades. I warned her that when we met some boys near the dock at the other side of the lake that she should keep quiet and let me do all of the talking. The odds of her keeping quiet couldn’t be calculated even by the pros in Vegas. It was a bet I was sure to lose, but at least I tried to warn her.

My girls knew what to expect: We were to meet at 11pm at the girl’s canoe shed. They needed to wear dark clothes and each brought a bag with their nice, flirty outfits. They were each required each to bring a large, over-sized, dark jacket to wear over their life vests, so that they would not be spotted. Every girl was responsible for their own protection and I strongly encouraged everyone to bring some with.

I gave the girls a small lecture. If any of the boys were too rough or mean to their girl, the girls knew to head back to the canoe shed early where cronies would be waiting to protect them. The girls were to report to me any problems they had. Enzo agreed to deal with the offender the next day.

All of the girls were made aware that they needed to meet for the return trip at 4am. Any girl that left behind would have to fend for herself. She would have to walk the five miles around the lake to get back to school and if she was caught would have to deal with the consequences on her own. I made sure that each girl knew that discussing the exchange was forbidden upon pain of a lifetime of bullying. Suzie’s expression after the discussion was worth whatever trouble she would get me in later. Total horror and shock was frozen to her face . It was priceless. I wish I had thought to snap a picture, but the flash would have been a problem for the covert nature of our activities anyhow.

When the girls and I headed across the lake in the canoe, we carried the canoe to the Bicford “water toy shed” (canoes, jet skis, kayaks). In the shed, Enzo was waiting with a few of his cronies. I traded the girls and the drugs for the cash, as previously negotiated.

Suzie seemed a little shocked at the whole thing. She made a big deal about having to change her clothes behind the canoes. As I expected, Suzie made a smart remark to Enzo and I had to explain who she was and that she was just a passenger. Enzo offered to escort her to wherever she needed to go on campus. Bicford has a much larger campus than St. P’s.

After the exchange I was free to hang out at the school until it’s time to take the girls home. I helped Suzie get away from Enzo, so that she wouldn’t keep getting herself in trouble. She apparently couldn’t tell that he is as serious as a heart attack.

After we split from Ezno, she insulted my cousin and then she insulted my entire family! I could feel my fists clinching and my teeth grinding. I stood there quietly while she realized what she had done. She had insulted the wrong girl. After breathing deeply and thinking for a moment, I realized that it was was not the time for revenge. Revenge would have to wait until we were back in my territory and when I would have a better upper-hand to deal it out.

I helped Suzie break into the school administrator’s office. That was the second time this week that I had broken into a private school’s admin office – strange coincidence. I can’t help but think about how hypocritical Switchblade Suzie is. Trading a few ill gotten pills and a helping a few boys and girls have a good evening was a terrible thing for me to do. Sneaking out, tresspassing in the boy’s school, breaking into the administrator’s office and stealing information was ok for her to do. I left her to her own devices. She was busy researching her missing cousin. Why do squares need so many excuses to research and study? Anyhow, she was on her own for a while and I was free to roam the campus.

I made my way to one of the boy’s dormitories, Cullen House. The “official” party was in the school’s gym, but the dorm had its own charm. I was able to score some weed, some very pathetic weed though. One of the Bicford boys, Eddie told me that his weed was in his room, so I went along. I had no idea that he was known as ‘Fast Eddie’. Well, Eddie tried to slip me a nasty little pill in my drink. I was able to swap our drinks, right about the time he was trying to round second base. I was able to convince him that the booze was making me sick, so I ran off to his bathroom and locked the door.

The bathrooms at the Cullen House link some of the boy’s bedrooms, much the same as on the dorm floors at St. P’s. I was able to make my escape. Unfortunately, there was another boy in the next room. I tried my darnedest to sneak through the room and get out into the hallway. He called me out and asked if I was one of Fast Eddie’s victims. I told him, “Not yet” and turned to face him.

There he was, the cutest boy I had ever seen. He had tousled blond hair and amazing blue eyes. He smoked a joint as he questioned me. Suddenly, I, the girl whose fists eat boys’ faces for breakfast was defenseless. I stammered like an idiot as he kept talking to me. Something wasn’t right! I began to pick on him a little to distract him. It turned out that he had some good pot and didn’t mind sharing it to be social.

Shortly thereafter we heard loud snoring from Eddie’s room. “Eddie got a taste of his own medicine?” the boy asked me. Suzie knocked on the door and interrupted, asking for information about the boy’s roommate, Trevor, and her missing cousin, Clarissa. She introduced herself and Joey told her who he was. Joey! His name was Joey I learned. Why hadn’t I been coherent enough to ask him for his name? I must have seemed like a total idiot. Suzie acted like she had walked in on the set of a Porno Movie or something. She baulked a bit about interrupting us, after she got her questions answered. She left pretty quickly. I can only imagine what she was thinking was going on there.

I got to spend the next few hours hanging out with Joey and flirting. He turned out to be a great guy and we had a fun time. When my cell phone alarm went off at 3:45am I had to leave. Joey insisted on walking me back to the gym. He thought I was going back to the party. He was nice, but I could tell he had a little bit of that ‘bad boy’ streak in him. Everything was going so well.

When we were nearing the gym, one of Enzo’s cronies ran up to us. The crony told me to hurry to the water shed, there had been a problem with one of the girls and Enzo needed to talk to me. I quickly told Joey that I had to go. I didn’t have time to explain but as I turned to wave at him, he had this disappointed look on his face. I’m sure he knows that I was at the school for less than honorable reasons now. He knows I’m not such a nice girl and probably doesn’t want anything to do with me now. I don’t know why that bothers me so much. I hardly know the guy.

Anyhow, I worked out some issues with Enzo and the canoe full of girls headed back across the lake. Along the way we saw in the darkness a swimmer, who was splashing about quite a bit. I was sure it was someone goofing off, but Suzie was convinced it was someone drowning. All I knew was, that fool was making a lot of noise and we were trying to travel unseen. “Screw them, we need to keep low” I said. Suzie jumped out of the boat to go save them. She has a total hero complex.

It turns out it was a boy from the school. He was deaf and mute and couldn’t communicate. He also happened to be completely naked. Which is probably why I found Suzie all over him. Of course, she claimed it was CPR – anything to keep her conscious clear.

Unfortunately, all of the commotion woke up most of the school. The lights began to turn on. There were teachers and students heading to the lake. Suzie and the boy ran off. She is so much like her cousin. Squareness is genetic I guess. She left me to clean up the mess she left. I’m just lucky that I was clever enough to think of something to say as the half of the school was heading to the lake.