Mia Bugatti: My Little Thug

Sat down with the Game Master for the St. Perpetuas Game (Buffy/Unisystem) game last night to show him Mia’s contacts. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Her character is starting to take on a life of its own now.

Allies/Contacts – 4

Uncle Tony – Family/Crime
Uncle Tony sent Mia off to private school in the hopes that she would turn into a marriageable young woman. He is deeply disappointed at her continued discipline problems but can’t help but be somewhat amused that Mia is turning out to be a little mafioso in her own right. He’d never admit that to Mia, of course.

Janitor, Nelson – School
Befriended early on during a late night caper in the administrative office, Janitor Nelson can be a useful ally. He has keys to every room in the building and knows the grounds like the back of his own hand.

James the Dishwasher – School
James is unhappy working under Maggie. He has creative ideas for how to prepare delicious food out of the cheap crap that the school orders but Maggie puts the Kibosh on his efforts. He’s a lowly dishwasher and she never lets him forget it.

“Sleezy Chuck” – Crime
Local lowlife who has some minor crimminal contacts in town. Chuck has been selling contrand to the students at all three private schools for years. Unfortunately, his last “salesman” at St. Perpetuas graduated last year. Good thing he’s about to meet Mia.

Enemies -4
Mrs. Leech – English
Nosey, self-righteous woman who has been brusque to Janitor Nelson one too many times. She’s so rude to him and even other staff members that no one really likes dealing with her. When Janitor Nelson finds Mia going through the school’s records, he offers her a deal she can’t refuse. Get him a copy of Mrs. Leeches personnel file so that he can dig up dirt on her and he pretends he didn’t see Mia at all that night.

Maggie – Cafeteria Lady
Stern and unwilling to accept bribes for additional chocolate pudding, this bitch has got to go! Mia definetely has made enemies with her in the short time she’s been at school. Complimenting the few items that James prepared didn’t help matters. If Mia could over throw her and put James in her place, everyone would benefit from better food. Mia would be able to con her way into extra treats for herself or to use as bribes for other students.

Enzo – Boys School – competition
Ezno’s father is a hated enemy of Uncle Tony. There’s bad blood between these families that goes back all the way to the prohibition era. Ezno has built up a nice little empire over at the boy’s school. He has some minor influence at St. Perpetuas and won’t be easy to deal with.

Joey – Enzo’s right hand man (Also Secret Crush)
Joey is Enzo’s younger cousin. When Enzo asks Joey to “apply some pressure” against Mia, he arrives at St. Perpetuas with the intention of violence. He’s taken aback by Mia as soon as they meet however. Ah, young (forbidden) love.