Mable, the Sapphirine Witch

Enough gold dust to support a village full of peasants for an entire year fell from Mable’s aging hands to rest like fallen snow upon the closed lid of a crudely carved wooden box. “That should be enough gold,“ she said aloud to no one in particular. The poorly crafted container squatted in the very center of a charred and abused tree trunk.

The witch paid no attention to the various living trees, shrubs, statuary, birds or insects in the garden. The shadow of her tower cast an obtuse shape over almost half of the enclosed space. The peaceful sounds of nature obscured the gentle whispering from Mable as she carefully moved her fingers to cast a spell. A light breeze sent her long, silver hair adrift.

“And now to test it,” Mable declared. She backed away from the stump and picked up a long, slender wooden rod. Eying the box from afar, she estimated the distance to be safe enough. Manipulating the ten-foot long rod to flick open the enchanted box was no easy task, especially for woman who has seen so many seasons come and go.

A cloud of fire and thunderous sound exploded outward from the box, startling the wind chimes and rocking the statuary throughout the garden. The birds shrieked unhappily and flew off, leaving the tree branches unadorned by their colorful plumage. The rod in Mable’s hand smoked steadily like a stick of burnt incense. The far end of the rod had disappeared during the explosion.

“Perfection!” the witch in bright blue robes exclaimed. “That was even better than the last one.” Mabel tossed the rod onto a stack of similar burnt sticks.

The smell of char flooded her nostrils and stung her eyes, but it was a good smell. The air was not filled with dust and mold. She was not trapped in a library of ancient tomes for the entire day, every day. It was good to be free of the academy, even if that freedom was won by a disgraceful expulsion. The ability to study on her own and to actually practice the magics that she learned seemed to validate her imposed isolation.

Character Concept:
Mable is a “young” witch in her mid-fifties. Her enthusiasm for magic, distortions, fire and explosions left her ostracized during her years of formal study at a secluded wizard’s academy. She would be useful for a party to interact with. Mable can identify magical objects for the party, train the party’s wizard or start quests. Locals seek her out to perform magical tasks for them. Her rash and sometimes clumsy casting skills can cause issues that may require a party of adventurers to fix.

New Spell: Sapphirine Rain
Range: 250 Feet
Area: Cylinder 15wide x 15long x 25 high
Casting time: 1 standard action
Material Component: a pinch of rare, blue salt (valued at 1g).
Saving Throw: None
Duration: 4 full rounds
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

A dark blue cloud forms over a 15 x 15 foot area. One round later, a rain of sapphire colored acid falls over the area causing 2d6 damage to all creatures under the cloud for a full round, 1d6 for all creatures that are under the cloud for any length of time less than a full round. The cloud can be moved up to 40 feet once per round by the caster as a free action.