Lady Milena – Noble Working Lady


Milena was born last to Alejo de Trallibes and his wife Taresa, a pair of freed slaves struggling to survive in southern Zingara.  Five siblings preceded her in the family.  The eldest four:  Shantala, Vittoria, Jovina and Nisio worked hard from a young age to help their parents with the family business.  Alejo had been trained in the use of herbs and medicines as a slave.  He had served as a house healer for many years before earning his freedom and that of his wife.  He now used those talents to create deadly poisons, a commodity of great demand in the noble courts of Zingara.  His children went to gather the herbs and his wife worked on cleaning, drying and grinding the herbs.  Alejo concentrated on forming more deadly and precise poisons than his competition.

The two youngest children, Fausto and Milena were born far too late to be of much use in the business.  Fausto was barely of an age to walk and Milena was still carried around by her mother’s arms when the family was utterly destroyed by scandal.  Alejo was captured and imprisioned by a noble man, Quilo de Kordava, who claimed that Alejo’s poisons were the cause of his eldest son’s death.  Milena was executed for her part in the endevour – she had been the one who had sold the poisons to a rival family.  Shantala, the eldest daughter, committed suicide rather than surrender.  Vittoria, Jovina and Nisio were claimed as slaves by Quilo.  The two young children were spared, in a rare case of mercy.  Quilo’s sister had never been able to bear children on her own.  Thus Fausto and Milena were sent as gifts to Estrella de Kordava to be raised as her own.  Milena and Fausto were raised in a life of much luxury as noble children.  The two grew quite close and maintain contact, even to this day.

Estrella’s finances were in the decline and while she was able to leave her two adoptive children titles and a good noble upbringing, there was not much else to be had.  Fausto learned to earn his keep with a sword as a nobleman’s body guard and companion.  The role suited him as he easily fit into the many social situations that nobles find themselves in.  He could protect his clients while blending into the nobility of the court.

Milena found herself well suited to court life, but without a dowry, she had few prospects.  She was barely of age for marriage (about 12) when Estrella died of ailments.  Sabana, a wealthy woman of influence, noticed the girl’s predicament.  Sabana employed a handful of well educated, well dressed and well mannered girls that served as courtesans for the rich.  Thus began Milena’s training and life as a courtesan.  Sabana taught her girls that it was better to have one or two clients that were wealthy, would treat a girl well and that had a taste for the finer things in life rather than to have many clients that were less worth while.  Milena followed Sabana’s teachings very well and soon became quite wealthy on her own account.

It was after a few years at the age of 15, when Milena really began to blossom as a woman, that she caught the eye of a foreign prince.  Aeneas, the merchant Prince, noticed Milena at a large social gathering.  It was an amazing pairing.  The two carried on a long and well-known love affair for two years.  Milena saw no other clients in that time.  Rumors spread that if the girl had but a more suitable standing, he would have married her.  It was not meant to be, however.  The Prince was kidnapped late one night.  The search for him went on for months and many potential suspects were investigated.  The trail went cold.

Milena travels sometimes a great distance to spend a month or two in the company of a wealthy client.  Matters are arranged well in advance.  Due to her noble carriage and upbringing, she is able to carefully chose her clients and does her best to ensure her safety.  Normally she is accompanied by a body guard and her handmaiden.  The other night, her body guard went to investigate some sounds in the nearby wilderness.  The women stayed in the tent, near the fire for safety.  The body guard did not return.

Important Names

Alejo de Trallibes – Father

Taresa – Mother

Fausto – Brother

Estrella – adopted mother

Aeneas – the Merchant Prince

Neva – Milena’s slave


Neva is a faithful servant.  Milena has treated Neva very well.  Neva is dressed in merchant-quality clothing and sleeps comfortably in Milena’s tent most nights.  The girl does work hard to set up camp, tend to the horses and assist Milena throughout their travels.  Milena’s punishments of Neva are few and far between, but Neva knows there are some lines that Milena will not let her cross.

Appearance on First Meeting

A young woman of unremarkable appearance with light brown hair rides a fine horse.  Her dark green dress is well cut with a few embellishments.  Her horse carries a few packs of supplies.

A woman of noble stature with long, fine black hair and startling blue eyes rides another fine horse.  Her very lavish red dress bears fine gold embroidery.  She wears a black jacket over her and a black cloak lined with fine fur.  Her well-tooled riding boots match the scabbard hanging from the saddle’s side.  The pummel of a sword can be seen within the scabbard.  The woman wears a golden whip, coiled at her side.  A few more packs of supplies are also carried by her horse.