Jeane-Marie Valois: A Few Facts

Here are just a few facts, that Jeane-Marie revealed during a post-mission interview in a field hospital while she recovered from the terrors at Bellacourt:

Jeane-Marie’s family had sent her to university to find a husband. War broke out the summer after her graduation. The Germans invaded France that year during August 14-24th .

Jeane-Marie wanted to pursue a career in journalism and make use of her education. Most importantly, she felt she could contribute by reporting on the war. Jeane-Marie wanted to let the rest of world know what was happening in France. She wanted to encourage her fellow Frenchmen and she wanted to highlight the atrocities of war.

Being a war reporter on the front lines is not possible for a woman, and it is nearly impossible for even a male reporter to get to the front lines as the war progresses. Fortunately, Jeane-Marie has a few contacts in the French military and within the journalism field.

Jeane-Marie had heard rumors about the Reynard family before. She specificially requested that the French Command pull a few strings to send her to the area near the Reynard family mansion – knowing that the mansion would be a good backdrop for a few articles.