Jean-Pierre Valois: A Collection of Post-War Letters

Monsieur Valois,

The copies of the plates that you sent with the last article were fascinating. I have sent them to the local curator of natural histories for study. Due to the graphic natur eof the photos, I could not publish them. Your last article has been edited before the paper went to press.

Mr Laurent

Senior Editor, The Parisian Report


It has been far too long since we last spoke. My English is improving and I hope that pleases you much. My editor sends me to England soon to report on the Linkenshire Orphanage. England is not familiar for me. Would you do me the honor of being my guide and English Tutor during my travels there? I should be arrive in four weeks from this letter, near February 17.

Hoping all is well with you,

Your Friend, Jean-Pierre Valois

Mme Alders,

I regret that I cannot attend your trial. I have sent as accurate a testimony as possible. Perhaps the truth will help.

Jean-Pierre Valois

Dr Reed,

I hear rumors that you are not well. The terrors of the war are real for me, too. It is late, but perhaps the truth will help you. I have sent as accurate as possible testimony to trail for Alders, except for my own secret. I appreciate your subtley on the matter. I still write and report.

J. Valois

Private Olver,

My last two letters to you have been returned by the post. I try to reach you one last time now. I hope all is well. Please respond if you are still in France.

Jean-Pierre Valois