House of Valare


Her legs grew stiff from anticipation and her eyes burned from the sulfurous night air. A sigh of relief crossed her lips as she stared between the lavish silk curtains. “Finally. My moment is here,” the assassin thought to herself as the Queen’s Lady left the royal bedchamber. “Bribing Lady Arnzou certainly will pay off now.”

Marille knew she could not yet pounce. There was a plan, a marvelous plan, in place. The guard in the parlor was to be escorted off to the Lady’s bedchamber. Lady Arnzou had long been denying the young man’s affections and it was no coincidence that he was posted outside the Queen’s door on this night. A few more minutes and the house guards were scheduled to be switching posts – a part of the same deal struck with the royal house staff. “My house shall be first,” the assassin assured herself and she continued waiting a few more agonizing minutes.

“The old bat is alone.” Marille’s heart raced as her wiry frame slipped through the window. She wanted to laugh, a truly strange sensation, but the ease of her actions filled Marille’s mind with a mixture of emotions. “Sleep well” she whispered as she held her ceremonial dagger high above the sleeping Queen, poised to kill.

The declaration was too loud, the dagger too high in the air. Before Marille could react, she found herself in a globe of impenetrable darkness. A pair of strong hands flexed and squeezed the young woman’s neck. Marille gasped for air and in a panic dropped the dagger. Unable to loosen the hold on her neck, her fists pounded against the other woman’s chest and clenched onto the golden nightgown the old woman wore. When the struggle was over, the Queen was awake and Marille was the woman granted eternal sleep.

Upon dismissing the darkness, Sarine examined her potential murderer and the weapon. The girl seemed unremarkable. Cold to the touch, the wickedly curved adamantite dagger Queen Sarine held in her hands felt alien. “Strange.” It was undoubtedly enchanted, but with what spell?

The crimson star encrusted on the handle confirmed the house of its origin. “How long have the nobles of House Parith been plotting?” the monarch wondered aloud as she casually stepped over the unfortunate assassin. The girl, lying haphazardly on the royal bedchamber floor, was not more than half a century in age. “Hardly a worthy adversary,” the venerable queen noted. “Yet, there will be more. I must prepare, lest they think me too old.”

Game Premise

As the elite and wicked families of Ilarnum plot their way to the top of their chaotic culture, The House of Valare boldy embraces a blessing from their evil spider goddess, Lloth. Intrigue, assassinations and trickery are the tools of the Valares. Will they unite and topple their enemies, or pick each other off from within, desperate for power within their own house?

This is a heavy role-play game, though some combat will occur due to the theme. Players will create drow characters, only choosing their gender and name. Birth order, rank/position within the house will be randomly drawn – just as in real life, we don’t get to pick our own lot when we come into the world. There’s always room in drow society for a move up the ladder, so don’t fret about the start.

It should be a wild ride. The city, the npc’s, the large scale events are all set up, but the way the characters respond and the choices they make will make this a unique and worthwhile story.