Emmy’s Report to Alexis

Status Update for Investigation into the Deaths of William, His Childe and Ghoul

Overall status: Resolved
Submitted to Alexis, the Spider Queen (via her loyal herald) by Emmy Jones, local proprietor.


In a preemptive strike, the small band of Belial’s Brood of the city (lead by Victor Frost) attacked and killed William (a local Invictus), his childe and a ghoul.

For months now, Victor had been investigating the supposedly unbound group of kindred surrounding the surprisingly successful entrepreneur and night club owner Victor Frost. While William was not inclined to act against Victor until he understood the full scope of the problem, my sources indicate that he was close to discovering the truth about the demon worshipping miscreants.

Summary Notes

June 26th
Drueger Killed
William sends me to work for Victor, infiltrating his renters to discover more information. Victor assigns a rag-tag group of kindred (including some of his renters) to clean up a masquerade violation involving Druerger. The Nosferatu from Ordo Dracul (Vance) shows impressive combat skills against the Drueger and other miscreants.

June 28th
Haunted Hospital
Victor’s lackeys go to investigate a Haunted Hospital. The Ventru from Ordo Dracul (Magda) has problems controlling her urges during the investigation. The unaligned drug transporter (Skeeter) is absent from this investigation – presumably acquiring cocaine for Ordo Dracul during his trip to Tijuana. Skeeter’s cohort (Kaiden) is present on his behalf however.

June 30th
William’s Murder
The Band of of Belial’s Brood slay William and his cohorts at Victor’s corporate office. Meanwhile, Victor continues to plan for an important ritual with his followers.

July 1st
Red Rent Due
Victor’s Red Rent is due. Unknown to his renters, the girls they bring him are used for demonic rituals. The Sister of the Crone’s Daeva (B.B.) discovers that the rent he has paid is related to a pack of werewolves and convinces the group to intervene. I am unaware of Victor’s demise at this point, so I continue infiltrating the group and documenting their activities.

July 2nd
Demonic Ritual
The ritual is well underway, and the woman with werewolf blood in her veins is transformed into a succubus by the band of Belial’s Brood. While the renters investigate Victor further, they come to the conclusion that he needs to be stopped. Once again, Vance shows his combat prowess by slaying many of the vampires participating in the ritual.

Further Action

This group of individuals (now my coterie – due to my ability to gain their confidence) is of little significance without a strong vampire leading them. With Victor gone, they should not pose a threat to the city at this time. I will continue to keep you appraised on their activities. It is my desire that I form a group of loyal lackeys out of this rag-tag bunch (Magda, Vance, B.B., Kaiden and Skeeter) in an effort to better serve my Covenant and the city. As always, my resources are at your disposal.