Dungeon Keepers:  The Keep

Dungeon Keepers: The Keep

The Top Level of this keep is completely exposed to the elements.  The crumbled roof and dilapidated stairs speak of the dire condition of the structure.

On the Ground Level, pools of dirty water collect in the crevices of the warn stone floor.  While protected from the weather by an upper level, the poor condition of the building allows enough rain water to pour in, preventing this place from being a comfortable environment.

In the Dungeon Level, the pungent smell of mold is ripened with the additives of filth and grime. Darkened by the lack of natural light, this room’s most distinguishable feature is the iron grate in the center of its floor.

It’s important that the characters receive the blueprints to the dungeon ahead of time so that they can customize it. The evil characters in my campaign purchased doors and locks for the stair wells. They bought a Mimic that they convinced to stay on the Top Level to weed out some of the adventurers. Going “Trap Shopping” was one of their favorite between-assignment excursions.


A prisoner of local fame serves as a beacon, drawing in nearby adventurers. Those that seek to perform a glorious rescue will instead find their doom within the keep. The kidnapped woman, “The Bait”, is a human barbarian and should pose no divine or arcane threat to her captors.

While maintaining this human’s imprisonment provides little political gain potential, thwarting and slaying the would-be-heroes who arrive at the keep will cleanse the area of inconvenient annoyances. The permanent removal of the meddlesome adventurers will free our partner organizations to complete their own projects in this region.