Dungeon Keepers – A Reverse Campaign

Dungeon Keepers – A Reverse Campaign

Symbol: The symbols used by the Dungeon Keepers vary by chapter.  Example chapter symbols:  Ched Nasad uses ‘the door spider’ -the eight legs of a spider, replacing the body with a locked, iron door.   Menzoberranzan uses a gaping spider’s maw.  Members of the Dungeon Keepers are often given enchanted insignia to wear.  The insignia show their chapter’s symbol, their dungeon group number and allow the wearer access to restricted areas of the organization.  The magical insignia also grant members the power of levitation within your chapter’s sponsor city and other participating affiliated cities.

Background, Goals and Dreams: Created as a tool for the major Underdark Cities of the Drow, the Dungeon Keepers block the descent of the do-gooders from the Lands that See the Sun into the realms controlled by the Drow.  Maintaining the vast network of dungeons and lairs that connect the Drow territories with hostile neighbors is the everyday purpose of the organization.  Someday, there will be no need for such a buffer.   Perhaps the Drow, utilizing the Dungeon Keepers and her sister organizations will finally rid themselves of the lesser folk annoying their causes.

Enemies and Allies: As with any major Drow organization controlled by Lloth’s faithful, worshippers of heretical deities are considered a constant threat.   The followers of Velsharoon and Eilistaee are quite reviled and considered enemies, unworthy of the Spider Queen’s mercy.  Followers of Selvetarm are on occasion sought out as allies against the other Drow worshippers.

The many adventuring organizations kept by the surface dwellers are constantly seeking ways to thwart and take vengeance against the Dungeon Keepers and her sister organizations.  Delving into the Underdark realms for these groups is uncommon, but they often interfere with the dungeons and lairs near the surface.

The enemy within, The Underdark Anarchists’ Fellowship, seeks to bring chaos to the very structure of Drow civilization.  Many members are opposed to the matriarchal structure of power in Drow society while others merely view themselves as tools of the goddess Lloth’s chaotic nature.  This organization often hampers the Dungeon Keepers plans by means of infiltration and sabotage.

Members: Most of the members are Drow, but many half-drow, demons and fiends also join up.  The organization is open to all who are not good and harbor no ill will to Lloth.  Failure and leaving the organization are one and the same.  Leaving the group often means a slow and tortuous death.

Type: The Drow’s Matriarchal Government runs this organization.

Category: This is a social organization.

Scale: 10 (powerful guild)

Affiliation Score Criteria: Organized by the highest ranking Matron Mothers in Drow society, the Dungeon Keepers are used as yet another tool or weapon for their individual cities’ defenses and projects.  Only the evil and subservient are recruited.  No worshiper who shows signs of Lloth’s ill favor is retained.  As a member rises in rank in the Dungeon Keepers, they usually rise in power and respect in the city as well.

Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character Level +1/2 PC’s level
Darkvision +1
10 Ranks in Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +2
Full-blooded Drow +3
Half-drow +1
Part or full demon or outsider +1
Female +2
Favor of the city’s Matron Mother +2
Per 50,000gps donation to local chapter +1
Failure to complete an assignment -1

Titles, Benefits and Duties: As you advance in the ranks of the Dungeon Keepers Association, you will be given more important assignments, garnishing you more respect and favor within Drow cities.  With respect comes rivalry and higher-ranking members must watch for attempted assassinations and coups.

Affiliation Score Title:  Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Recruit:  No benefit.
4-10 Dungeon Defender: Regular pay for accomplished assignments, in-house support via a mentor.  A small headquarters within a Dungeon Keepers’ Complex is given to your group for use.
11-20 Subjugator:  10% discount from affiliated shops.  +2 circumstance bonus on attempts to influence the attitude of Dungeon Keeper Members.  A personal Valet (EL 1) is assigned to you for use within the city.  You may request an audience with your Chapter Superintendent within 1d3 days once per month.  Your insignia is now keyed for levitation anywhere, not just within your chapter’s sponsor city.  More of your assignments send you to far-off and difficult locales.
21-29 Chapter Superintendent:  Must take over an existing chapter via coup or found a new chapter in a city without one to gain Leader status.  +4 circumstance bonus on attempts to influence the attitude of Dungeon Keeper Members.  You may request an audience with the Overseer within 1d6 days once per month.  You and your staff must keep records of the Dungeon Defenders and Subjugators within your authority and assign them appropriate tasks.  Assassination attempts – if you fail to uncover a plot each month with a DC 20 Gather Information check, then you must face an assassin 2 effective levels higher than yourself.
30+ Overseer:  Must secretly assassinate the current Overseer (or wait many years for her death) and be named successor by the Matron Mothers of Menzoberranzan.  Personal honor guard of 4-12 appropriate creatures (EL 12).  +8 circumstance bonus on attempts to influence the attitude of Dungeon Keeper Members.   You may call an emergency gathering of the Council of Matron Mothers in Menzoberranzan at any time truly necessary.  Assassination attempts – if you fail to uncover a plot each month with a DC 30 Gather Information check, then you must face an assassin 3 effective levels higher than yourself.

Executive Powers:  Terrorize, Raid

Noteworthy Leaders: As dungeon keeping is not the most glamorous aspect of combat and warfare, the leaders of this organization tend to be tied to mid-level houses within Drow Cities.  Major confrontations and wars involving the house armies of the entire city are left to the Council of Matron Mothers within that city.

Ched Nasad: Superintendent Vanya, Matron of the House Avramir

Menzoberranzan: Superintendent Carteril Matron of the House Nizar

Overseer Elessil, Matron of the House Sodril