Dracula Encounter

Count Dracula is a centuries-old vampire, sorcerer and Transylvanian nobleman, who claims to be a Székely descended from Attila the Hun. He inhabits a decaying castle in the Carpathian Mountains near the Borgo Pass. Unlike the vampires of Eastern European folklore, which are portrayed as repulsive, corpse-like creatures, Dracula exudes a veneer of aristocratic charm which masks his unfathomable evil.

A group of hearty adventurers chase the creature back to Transylvania. A final confrontation within the monster’s own castle is inevitable.

Dracula Encounter is a World of Darkness game being run by Melissa Moritz during Dark Carnival’s second session.

Dark Carnival is a free-to play in game day for World of Darkness Games on Saturday, January 22nd. The first session lasts from 12pm-4pm. The second session runs from 5pm-9pm. Sign up here. Walk-ins welcome!