Dethilir: The Lost

Character Narrative

The lost have always wandered the mountainside only to be wind up in one of the few scattered villages of the region. The mystery of the men who know neither who they are nor where they come from has brought treasure seekers, sages and heroes to this remote area throughout the past centuries but no answers have been found. Every few years another lost soul appears on the horizon and it is always the same: simple clothes, strange tattoos and faded memories. For the first time in a quarter century, another man with no past finds his way into the tiny town of Brookfield. At the base of the mountain range, the people are rugged and life is simple with the exception of the long-lived mystery of the lost.

The tattoo appeared fresh, it’s strange symbols even glimmered in the light. Yet the skin surrounding it was not tender, a testament to its age. As the Magister Yorith examined the young man’s chest, he gave no care for the discomfort or need for modesty that would normally be afforded to a detainee that was not accused of any crime. Yorith’s somewhat harsh voice as he continued to prod for information belayed his natural curiosity at the sight before him.

“You say your name is, Dethir?” The Magister asked yet again.

“Dethilir, sir. But how I came by that name, I do not know, “ He stated evenly. Dethilir stood unabashedly in the center of the village’s small jail, in front of the window near the Magister’s desk. Men, women and children stared through the glass to get a look at the man wearing red silk pantaloons and nothing more. The elongated face, elegant ears and sharp eyes gave away his Elven heritage, something the Humans and Halflings of Brookfield encountered rarely.

“You don’t fit in with our villages or the mountain itself, Dethilir. The huntsman said he tracked you a ways.”

“I suppose that is true then. And what of the mansion?”

“There’s no such mansion around here. What you see, ” The magister gestured out the window” is what we have. “I guess it’s time we call in for few more resources if we’re to figure this out.”