City by the Silt Sea – Part II: In the Silt Sea

Dark Sun 3.5 campaign played by Nathan, Russell Sid on Saturday, April 16th, 2011. GM’d by Melissa.

Sardis disappeared, taking Jaden’s sister’s body with him after declaring that he was needed elsewhere.

Deep in the underhold of the captured pirate ship, a prisoner was found bound and gagged. The sun cleric, Aeotos was briefly questioned and welcomed to the crew due to his polite manners.

A wanderer, Azurus, walked across the silt and decided to join in the crew’s quest to the ruins of Guistenal.

Tarak spotted pirates during his night watch. Jaden, Passk and Shallovar manned the silt skimmer during an attack by two pirate vessels. The ships floated silently in the night, each controlled by a kenetecist. As the battle ensued, Passk’s newly captured ship was uprighted by a spell of reverse gravity and then destroyed by a spell of detonate. Fortunately, one of the enemy pirate ships survived the confrontation and was confiscated by Passk and crew.

Tarak and his “sand gator” shared some of their pirate corpses with a hungry Giant, avoiding an unnecessary confrontation.