City by the Silt Sea – Part I: Tales of the Ruins

Dark Sun 3.5 campaign played by Russell, Patrick and Sid on Saturday, April 9th, 2011. GM’d by Melissa.

Three unlikely companions met in the city of Nibeney.

Tarak arrived in the city shortly after rescuing some elves in the desert and promising to finish their mission with the Veiled Alliance.

Jaden crossed the tablelands in search of his spell casting sister, an evil sorceress.

Sardis found himself returned to Athas but still far from his home.

There were rumors of ancient ruins nearby (and treasure!). Items of ancient magics were showing up in the Elven Market of Nibenay. The local templars appeared to be interested in acquiring the items for themselves.

Once the three agreed that there were many interesting things going on in the ruins of Guistenal (and treasure!), they decided to travel there with a dwarven pirate named Passk. The Silt Stalkers, now led by Jaden’s sister, attacked the crew’s silt skimmer and combat ensued. Victory went to Tarak, Jaden, and Sardis. Much cargo and booty was had by all.