Nefarous Tendances – Catching Up is Hard to Do!

Nefarous Tendances – Catching Up is Hard to Do!

Musings of the Dark Powers – GM’s Notes

Zurik performs a ritual in a room above the Sour Ghoul. He transforms the body of Setsuna the cleric into a mummy. He spends the remainder of the day asking her questions about Nidala and her past travels. Her tales of divine magic intrigue him.

Zurik and Etrigon go to visit the Vistani to discover if the gypsies know a way out of the lands of mists. The old woman tells him that she has never heard of Kos. She offers to give him a reading. When the reading goes sour, and the old woman tells Zurik that he will never leave, he snaps. In a fit of anger, Zurik unleashes a burst of negative energy. Etrigon takes care of the rest of the vistani. Within seconds, the entire camp is slain.

While shopping in the black market, Zurik discovers that Kos is to the south of Nidala. He knows for a fact that Nidala was not north of Kos when he lived there previously. He travels south, encountering an old classmate on the way, an illusionist. After quickly dispatching of the lesser wizard, Zurik continues southward.

The traps outside of Zurik’s former lair are intact. He finds the body of his beloved Alis undisturbed. She lies in a protective coffin, her body untarnished by the ravages of time. Setsuna attempts to resurrect the woman with no success. Apparently something was wrong the scroll. She tried again in the morning using her own spell but with the same results.

Ingoth’s tower was easily broken into and Zurik claimed it as his own. The twelve story structure had plenty of room for his growing entourage. A handful of wights and deathrunes protect the tower now.

Zurik ran into an old classmate, a fellow necromancer at the Rabbid Squirrel. The classmate had been hiding out successfully thus far. Later, Zurik learns that the Celarr had tracked him down and killed him.

Mara successfully took over the Celarr by taking down the former leader. The vampire rogue killed the woman in such a gruesome fashion, infront of most of the guild, that her rule over the organization was without question. She now collects regular pay from the guild’s profitable business ventures. Mara rules from now the renamed Hotel Mara. Lord Orros sends messengers to get updates on the ongoing bounty for necromancers.

A failed attempt to take Alis across the border frustrates Zurik. The body of Alis will not be taken to Nidala where Zurik had hoped to raise her. She seems somehow tied to Kos.

Zurik searchings for information about the divine. He believes that he can find the answer to his problems resurrecting Alis if he can discover why holy magics do not work in this land. He has Mara order the Celarr to begin collecting divine relics and tomes. Setsuna and Zurik pour over the items as they arrive daily. A strange, crystal object that glows but does not appear to be magic is included with one of the daily sacks of items.

Investigating the ruins of Aldport, Zurik discovers a temple for the Cult of Nurid. The party fights off a colossal undead monster while exploring the underground ruins.

A woman flies outside of Zurik’s tower, disturbing his studies and setting his undead guards on alert. The woman claimed to be searching for a crystal that belonged to a deceased friend. She wanted the item to return it. Zurik found no value in the item, so he gave it over. The next day, when a group of drow raiders came searching the tracks near the tower, Zurik and company began to slay the intruders. The “flying woman” came to join in the fight and helped to kill the final drow intruder. The woman removed a hat of disguise and introduced herself as Corla Venvyr, a drow from the north.

Remonch Ganhol, the master Evocationist, was away on progress. Outside of a small village, he stayed in a luxurious manor. With the help of a few costumes and masks, Zurik, Sareena, Setsuna, and Corla crash the masquerade ball. Sareena seduces Remonch and leads him upstairs. Zurik and company follow quickly after. A short and quiet battle later, Remonch is dead and the group slips out of the bedroom window and into the night.

The group quickly dispatches of the cultists meeting in the old temple of the Cult of Nurid in Aldport’s ruins. The priestess claims that she has completed a ritual of summoning for Nurid. One of the rogues that Zurik slays with a death spell returns as a Banshee.

While Zurik, Setsuna, Corla and Etrigon sit in the Rabbid Squirrel, the vampires feast upstairs in the inn’s rooms. Mara had chosen an injured and drunk adventurer for her evening meal. Unfortunately, she was not able to stop herself from draining the poor fellow dry. After a night in the ground, he would rise as her childe, Zev – the Swashbuckler.

Zurik pays Ronai Gelassidy, the master of Divination, a visit in her private tower. Her guards are powerless against the dominating charisma of Sareena. Ronai predicts that Zurik will let her live if she gives him information. The divinationist tells Zurik that she cannot predict when Nurid will arrive nor can she predict how the fight will go. She warns him that if he continues to search out for this information, he will will endure emotional pains. She tells him that he will raise an army.

A pair of young necromancer students had escaped the Academy and were captured by the Celarr. After questioning them in Hotel Mara, Zurik decides that the pair know too much. He kills them both with death magic.

While searching for information about Nurid in Ingoth’s former office at the Academy, information about Nurid, the stages of his awakening and the elder evil’s powers are found. Zurik discovers that Ingoth had killed Alis in a ritual to turn himself into a lich.

On his second visit to Ronai, the woman tells him again that she cannot predict Nurid’s arrival. She has seen that Kos will be flooded with fetid water and many more will die. Corla probes into the woman’s mind and demands that she tell Zurik about Ingoth’s existance. It turns out that Ronai had long suspected that the necromancer was not truly dead and had recently been able to scry on him. She said he was in the Ichor Sea. Ronai claimed that she withheld the information for Zurik’s own good and that by revealing this to him, she may have set into motion his own demise. Zurik threatened the caster, telling her to be more forthcoming in the future and made Ronai extremely ill and weak. She collapsed onto the table in a sorry state.

Sareena sends messenger bats to Briana to find holy items in Nidala’s black market. Mara suggests that a monastery in southern Nidala may have holy items useful in the fight against Nurid. Zurik and company assault the monastery and easily slay the monks there. One monk survives Zurik’s powerful death magics and is spared for a second life as a vampire.