Melissa’s Secret Method for Naming Fantasy Characters

Around 2003 or 2004 I met a gamemaster in Pennsylvania named Tonya. Whenever players at her table struggled to come up with character names she would pull out her secret tool – The Baby Naming Book. Inside this little book were thousands of names sorted alphabetically, separated by gender, tagged by the origin and the … Read moreMelissa’s Secret Method for Naming Fantasy Characters

5 Things I Learned From My First Alpha Test

Alpha Test One

Alpha Test One for Lands of Oneiro just wrapped up. It was four days of fun, excitement, and nerve-wracking anxiety. I had set the deadline for the first alpha test at only 2 months into the project with the hopes that having a hard date would keep me motivated. I believe it worked, that I achieved much more than if I hadn’t announced the Alpha Test was coming up. The biggest benefit from the test was the feedback that I got from the players who came to the test. Here’s what I learned.

1 – Hours of Building = Minutes of Content

Players will zoom through any well-built area. If there are no bugs or issues to slow them down, they can be FAST. The first player who logged into the game had killed her first bat 5 minutes and 4 seconds after connecting. After 26 minutes and 56 seconds, they finished the tutorial and ran out of content. That put me in the panic while I tried to build quests faster than the players could complete them. That’s not possible, by the way. You’ll be tempted to speed build areas to give the players more content…

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Example MUD Prog – Randomly Restrung NPC’s

These progs will show you a simple framework for randomly named NPC’s.  The example will randomly set the gender, name, short and long description for the NPC.  The mob will load a random set of clothing and possibly a piece of loot.

Please note, these MUD Progs were written and tested on a Dawn of Time version 1.69s_beta5 MUD. The scripts do require my snippet to give mobiles access to the SHORT and STRING commands in the MP Commands List.

You need a generic mobile that will morph into a random npc when it loads into the game. I’m using mobile 3006, a Dusk Elf. The program that kicks off the random generation is number 3200 in my example, so I have set the Dusk Elf mobile to call that program with a repop trigger.

MUDPrograms for [ 3006]:
Mudprogs on this mob will not ignore questers
Mudprogs on this mob WILL NOT ignore non questers
Mob mudprog triggers: repop 
 Number Vnum Trigger Phrase   
 ------ ---- ------- --------------------
[    0]  3200   repop 100   

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Snippet – Giving NPC’s the String and Short Commands


By giving mobiles the ability to use the immortal commands STRING and SHORT, amazing things can happen. In my next post, I’m going to show you how to write three scripts that will give your cities a plethora of randomly named NPC’s. Those scripts depend on this snippet.

Please note, this snippet is compatible with version 1.69s_beta5.


add to the delcarations near the top:

DECLARE_DO_FUN( do_short);
DECLARE_DO_FUN( do_string);

Then around line 197 in the table of mp commands, add the following:

	{"short",do_short,"Works just like the Imm command SHORT."},	
	{"string",do_string,"Works just like the Imm command STRING."},	

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