Athens Beta Testing

Player testing has gone very well and due to the major efforts that have been put forth by some of the imms, we’re now ready for beta testing. For those who don’t know what the difference between beta-testing and pt-testing is, let me give quick description of the two. In player testing we had a select handful of players who were let into the game to find bugs and make suggestions. In beta-testing we will ‘let the flood gates open’ and allow new players to create characters freely. This is an extensive testing process that will hopefully get our mud completely ready to open down the road.

Beta testing brings on new issues and challenges as well as new rewards. It will be nice to have more players on and see the game ‘in action’. It’ll make all our work seem worth it and we’ll be able to have some fun interacting with the players.

We will need to make sure that all of the new players are given help when possible. We need to make sure that everyone knows how mudschool and newbie town work. Every immortal must meet with Eris or myself within the next week, ASAP. If you could please all let us know when would be a good time for you, one of us should be able to get you ‘newbie ready’.

Absolutely every immortal MUST go through a newbie session with Eris or myself before we start beta-testing. The players who are NSP will help newbies but right now we don’t have any, and the immortals would always help newbies if there were no NSP on or available anyhow. We ALL need to know how to answer their general questions. It’s not hard, it’s not time consuming and you don’t even have to go to them most of the time. Virgil makes it nice and easy.

On a totally different note, mining and fishing have been added lately, as well as a lot more mobiles, objects, equipment, ect. New skills have been made available and the game is starting to round out pretty well. Eris is going through all the help files, making sure everything is specific to our mud and looking good. She’s also organizing them so that players will have an easy time finding what they need. So with lots of building, lots of admin work going on and lots of coding happening, the muds moving ahead at full speed.

-Hera, Queen of the Gods



Fight monsters while gods interfer to become a hero or join in the great political debate about democracy and the war between city-states. A highly intense roleplay environment awaits those who wish to enter the world of ancient Greek Mythology. Athens is a free to play mud, a text-based internet game where multiple players interact online.

Athens is located at port 9000

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