Athens Armies Open

The Army of Athens and Military of Megara have been created. You will need to contact me to join either army (until both armies are established enough to do their own promoting and recruiting). I also need volunters to switch citizenship to Megara. It has been pretty much agreed that speeding up the creation of armies should create a more dynamic game for testers to enjoy.

I do appreciate those of you who have been coming to the mud often and exploring. The bugs and typos you have found have helped us very much in our goal of creating a quality mudding experience. While other areas are still being created, more items, quests, mobiles, food and water sources are being added to the existing areas to make them more playable. Your comments and suggestions have been taken very seriously and almost all have made it into the game already.

Due to the interest by several testers about becoming builders, I thought it wise to mention that Eris, our head builder, is always accepting applications through e-mail to round out our staff. Information on what information to send her way is found on our main web site, on the front page.

Since things are going so well, Athens is running far ahead of schedule, which is great news for everyone. The mud might be open to the public much earlier than anticipated. It is the goal of the staff to keep changing and adding new features, areas, and ideas into Athens and we hope to see you as the game progresses.

Hera, Queen of the Gods

Fight monsters while gods interfer to become a hero or join in the great political debate about democracy and the war between city-states. A highly intense roleplay environment awaits those who wish to enter the world of ancient Greek Mythology. Athens is a free to play mud, a text-based internet game where multiple players interact online.

Athens is located at port 9000

Our website is