Alikain Loreweaver: Character Concept

Alikain Loreweaver, Level 6 Elf Paladin – From a Mountainous Forest Region.

Alikain received the calling to quest as a paladin at a young age. A terrible forest fire, inspired the need within herself to protect good people and the natural wild. As a young adult, she trained as her uncle’s (Leoben Loreweaver) squire before becoming a paladin in her own right. Having just completed a successful quest to solve the plight of small Dwarven village along the coast, Alikain is currently traveling in search of more adventure.

Anyone observing Alikain would see:
An Elven woman with shoulder length dark blonde hair stands armed in full plate. A silver amulet embossed with a white unicorn hangs from a chain around her neck. She carries a good bit of gear: a leather backpack, a long scabbard containing a large sword and an oval-shaped shield bearing a painting of a bright sun shining upon a running unicorn. There is some some Elvish Script along the bottom curve of the shield, below the unicorn (“For Ehlonna of the Forest”). A large hammer hangs from a hook on her belt on her right side, while a smaller hammer dangles on her left.