Adventures in Miniature – Madness

While running my two evil Ravenloft D&D campaigns, the use of the random assortment of plastic D&D miniatures that I had left something to be desired. My players were coming up with very cool, unique characters and I was quite enjoying many of my NPC’s. It felt like the right time to succumb to the madness that is Miniature painting.

I’ll be posting my progress here in the hopes that the lessons I learn and the pitfalls that I encounter may help others who wish to start painting their own minis as well.

Step One – Studying the Problem
I went through quite a few websites about miniature painting. By far, the most useful was

Step Two – Buying Materials
While the paints, primer, jeweller’s kit, brushes, and other various tools that I bought were useful, I am still searching for a good lamp/magnifier with a clamp to hold my minis. Right now I’m using a very, very long set of tweezers to hold a mini while I paint it.

Step Three – Prep the Minis
I had a few unpainted metal minis already and thought that I would start painting these, even though they are not really that related to my current campaigns. I washed each of them thoroughly and dealt with any extra pieces of metal or mold lines that needed to be removed.

Step Four – Primer Coat
There were two zombies, two hyenas, two goblins and a huge minotaur for me to work with. I sprayed them all with two thin coats of white primer. It takes 48 hours for the primer to dry. Patience is not one of my virtues, but I waited nonetheless.

Step Five – Dark Wash
Every mini received about three coats of a very thin, dark wash. This gave them some rather nice looking shadows.

Step Six – Paint
Better to practice on a goblin that I have no use for, or so I thought. It turns out that that first goblin took a lot of my time and effort and I probably should have just spent the time on a mini that I actually cared about. Lesson learned. After about 3 coats of thin paint, the miniature was about finished. His little goblin eyes never did look quite right. All I have left to do is give him a few highlights and coat him with a protective sealer. I’ll make sure to post his picture when he’s done!