4th Duty Log of Shayla Kaie

4th Duty Log of Shayla Kaie

The Duty Log of Shayla Kaie
Recover the three Scrolls of Alasterus.Recover the scrolls from the Keep
Read the scrolls in The Witch Queen’s Lair, Saradis and Lis

Recover the Crown of Hesh.Kept in a treasure cache.
Return to the Temple of The Star’s Source in Saradis.

Shayla’s Thoughts

My destiny is now clear to me. The prophetic dreams of my youth were more symbolic than I had assumed. The visions of myself standing over a battlefield in shining white armor had meant to me that I was meant to save the world through warfare- a seemingly impossible task for one of my battle prowess.

Instead, the dream has shown me a real place, a battlefield that we now travel through on our way to a great keep. I am not here to fight a great war, however. I am to read a Scroll of Alasterus, the last of the three. Therein lies my fate. When I read the scroll in Lis, the great demons from across the portal will be shut out and the world shall be saved. My life shall be forfeit.

Though I have always known that I was meant to lose my life to save all of Mathoja, I did not realize that I was meant to actively sacrifice myself in such a way. My fate is sealed and I have come to terms with it. My only regret is that I shall not be able to return the affections of young Bardoc, for I must remain pure of heart through the very end. It brings me comfort to know that he shall live through these trying times if I complete the task given to me.

I pray that I am worthy enough to close the portal and do not falter on the path that the Star’s Source has laid before me. Guide my steps, holy light of the night’s sky!